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"Don't you hear it? The drumming. The call to war..."

I'm not just quoting DW - it's time to get back into the war against rape culture, against mras, against the patriarchy, against that minority who keep all genders downtrodden, against the disease with which they've infected mens' minds.
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Yeah, I'll be posting some thoughts about the current ‪#‎yesallwomen‬ and MRA rumblings of the past week fairly soon, but to start with, I should probably say that if you do self-identify with the so-called Men's Rights Movement or whatever, then, you know... defriend me, unfollow me, and generally get the hell out of Dodge.

If you don't identify with that bunch of loons, but are prone to wondering why there's this upsurge in feminists complaining, and are prone to protesting that "not all men are like that" then you can stay for now, but pin your ears back- it's time for some education.

Meanwhile, Chuck Wendig has it right as usual:



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Just saw the UK government's new "having with someone who says no is rape" ad, and... What the actual fuck? I ask this not of the message, obviously, but of the nature of the ad, which I suspect is going the trigger the living shits out of every survivor of a sexual assault who sees it.

So, um, yeah, just saying this as a heads-up for those who are likely to find it trigger-worthy.

And obviously I'm not going to link to it despite the obviously good message - but I do want to warn UK women that they're likely to get hit with it whether they want to see it or not.
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Just a reminder that, no, I haven’t stopped posting politcical an feminist stuff, they’re just now under a separate sub-blog at http://www.lonemagpie_v.livejournal.com
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I get right back into the Ra’s Al Ghul attitude as soon as I see the sort of comments referred to in this…


I hereby rename these fuckwit douchebag motherfuckers as The Men’s Wrongs Movement… And they sure as fuck don’t speak for this man.
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That's a rhetorical question - I have google and wikipedia, so know in that sense who she is.

I meant to mention all this controversy about Miley Cyrus: I only know who Miley Cyrus is because people complain about her all the time. Never heard her music AFAIK. But all the complaining, and the culture of "oh she used to be a child star so shouldn't be allowed to grow up because if she does SHE'S AN EVIL CORRUPTING WHORE!*" that's fuelling it all, is really, really, really making me feel nothing but support for her even though I've never heard her music.

*- I blame CS Lewis. Note how the only one of the Narnia kids who grows up and dares to date someone outside of marriage is the one who is cast as evil, fallen, and not saved at the end of the book series.
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What part of “age of consent” do these so-called lawmakers especially, not get when considering consent? Do they need a fucking dictionary?

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Us guys should all pick a day to take pics like this for the net. It’d be cool, I’ve got the legs for a slinky black number…
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Oh the irony of the governing body's initials being WTF...

Urgh. You can tell a guy thought this crap up. Just... no. I mean, really. Sure there are girls doing the art who'll look hot in it, and that's clearly what the designer has in mind, rather than tradition or practicality - else why is there only a new female uniform, rather than keeping the equality of unisex as before -and everyone who doesn't look hot in it will look like a complete pillock.


And notice how they want to trial the new uniforms at the Under-21s competition. Is Jimmy Saville judging? I have to agree with the commenter on the site that these guys would have the uniform look like the "costumes" in Dead Or Alive if they could.

This feels appropriate:
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And some of us try not to benefit. Try to change things. So, check this out.

Remember guys, the system sets us all up to be a certain way. Don’t let it.
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By a female columnist, I hasten to add - and there’s something to what she says, about the nevcessity of labelling, and the fact that “strong” so often translates to “violent, and just like a guy but with added tits”
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And, speaking of why things should be thought through rather than just left to applying automated crap as a knee-jerk solution... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/10233715/Twitter-trolls-The-report-abuse-button-has-already-hurt-some-good-guys.html
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Basically their argument amounts to “well, we want our comics to reflect reality, so since reality is patriarchal, we won’t bother saying anything that suggests there’s a better way.”

FFS guys…


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