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Day 28 - Favourite horror-themed or spooky game.

Notice it doesn't say "videogame" (that answer would be Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem). The overall answer, of course, is Chaosium's pen and paper RPG, Call Of Cthulhu.
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Day 18 - A Videogame that creeped you out.

FEAR has some good moments in that vein - it's mostly a first-person shooter, but Alma's appearances are very effective that way...
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Dear Ubisoft: Have you heard of Tomb Raider?

In fact, fuck that, how about Dear Ubisoft: Have you heard of Assassin's Creed Liberation? Y'know, the AC spinoff portable game with a female character? Which apparently is too hard to do in a main game?

You could have it both ways, of course, if you made the character customizable, a la Saints Row, or even just with two options like Mass Effect....
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Oh, yeah, what I do want from Assassin's Creed 5, regardless of setting:

A main character with customisable race/gender, or, at the very least, a playable female Assassin character. Aside from being a good idea generally, they need to make up for the genderfail-snatched-from-the-jaws-of-victory in Brotherhood... *

*- i.e. the thing whereby it was possible to create a mixed or even completely female Assassin Guild, but in which the cutscenes for a mission involving them all showed them all as male.
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I'm actually enjoying Assassin's Creed 3 more than I expected, given the reception it got overall...

Wonder what this year's game will be - it's supposed to be announced in the coming week. I must be about the only person who *doesn't* want it to be a Japanese/Samurai/Ninja game, basically cos then it just be Tenchu Z redux.

I'd really like to see 19th Century London - and maybe Paris too, for the Eiffel Tower. Victorian London has both Spring-Heel Jack and Jack The Ripper going for it...
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Back in the 80s there was a thought that memories were passed along in RNA…

But really I’m posting this link as an excuse to say: I can has Animus nao pls? Cos it strikes me that this is so like the background to Assassin’s Creed’s ancestor memories thing that I almost wonder if it’s viral marketing - I bet there’s secret messages from Abstergo industries in that paper…
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Playing Saints Row IV and the recognising the music track at one point is playing the theme tune used in the Two Ronnies for the Charley Farley And Piggy Malone serials!
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great- 60% through Tomb Raider Anniversary on the 360, and *now* it turns out that the fucking disc is borked. Which I bought about five or six weeks back. Half the time it goes "disc is unreadable, clean it with a soft cloth", and the other half it just locks up, always at the same checkpoint. Fuck knows where the receipt is, and who'd fucking accept a change that late anyway?

You never see people note that that's a problem with games - with a CD or DVD or whatever, you can skip through all the tracks or chapters, and see that it works all the way, but with a game it could be ages before you get to the fucked bit.

So, that's £7 I'll never get back for half a fucking game I'll never fucking finish, and Amazon is still asking £38 for it, so fuck that.
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Fascinating piece on how and why videogames have come be - or be seen as - boys’ toys. Great conclusion too.

As for the “given enough money you could sell tampons to guys”, well, they were originally developed in WW2 for plugging bullet wounds, so you could easily market them as important first-aid supplies for weekend warrior…

LA Noire

Nov. 7th, 2013 11:14 am
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Finished LA Noire. Not as bad as the disappointed gamers say, not as good as it ought to have been. It needed more free-roaming and choices of how to run your investigations, yet the plot was decent enough to hook me (albeit constantly commenting on which real case of book or movie it was lifting from).

In the end it's, for me, kind of like the original Assassin's Creed, in that it's really a tech demo masquerading as decent game which ought to spawn a really fucking amazing sequel if they thought it about it that way.
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when you've got Ezio in the middle of a battle with a dozen guards, and the magic words "please reconnect controller" appear...


Aug. 24th, 2013 08:45 pm
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That moment when you can't beat the boss in the last level of a game and don't know why, and Google some help, to discover that the only weapon in the game that can kill him and let you finish the game is one you didn't know you were supposed to seek out from its hiding place ten levels earlier.

Fucking bollocks...
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Strange- in the Exit Stage Right mission, when you have to meet up with four junior assassins backstage at the Colosseum, they're all male - even though I don't actually *have* four male assassin recruits... On account of me having that preference for the private clone army of female ninjas...
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For all its cheapness and some rubbish effects and terrible fight choreography, Red Faction Origins was OK - fit well between Guerrilla and Armageddon, and is a better videogame tie-in than... Prince of Persia, for example, let alone all of Uwe Boll's movies...

Game music

Apr. 13th, 2013 04:53 pm
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The soundtrack CD that came with The Witcher 2 is really bloody good. Much better than the somewhat disappointing Assassin's Creed soundtrack that came with AC Brotherhood (and which includes several tracks of noise and misses out almost all of my favourite bits. Gamerips FTW there...)


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