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Oh, so I finatty read Trigger Mortis (Anthony Horowitz) which was pretty good. The much-vaunted having Pussy Galore back -and indeed that whole section - was basically irrelevant padding, and that chasing-a-bomb-carrying-train-by-road-through-NYC thing was straight out of Die Hard With A Vengeance, but overall it felt more like a proper Bond novel than any of the guest-written ones so far...
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I'm going to be busy tomorrow, so let's do the movie meme day 17 now...
Day 17 - Favourite series of related movies. Are you fucking kidding me? Does anybody who follows this blog not know *exactly* what this answer's going to be...?

Well, you know the name... You know the number.

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Which the movie version definitely is, then...

I'd been thinking, while reading William Boyd's "Solo", that I'd love to see/write a Bond regeneration story (yeah, like they'd ever licence *that*!), and it struck me that something else that needs to be figured out for Time Lord Bond is which incarnation is which.

See, obviously Daniel Craig is the first incarnation, as he's the one who originally becomes a 00-ranked agent.

Connery, Lazenby, Moore and Dalton have to be in that order, as the first three of them share the same M, as do the last two (with the Robert Browning M), and Moneypenny. All four share the same Q. Moore has to follow Lazenby because both TSWLM and FYEO reference Tracy's death in OHMSS. This also means Diamonds Are Forever actually comes before OHMSS in the Connery Bond's personal timeline.

There's nothing to say there can't be other incarnations between them, though.

The Brosnan incarnation is an awkward fucker, because he's around at the same time as the Dalton one, offering the best chance for a Two Bonds story (the Goldeneye precredit sequence is set in 1986, the year before The Living Daylights.)

This leads to the question of whether he has access to his TARDIS. At some point he has to travel back from the 21st century to at least 1962, and since Brosnan is around at the same time as one of his other incarnations, that suggests a spot of time travel. (It's also necessary if you want to count NSNA as canon, since that means that post-NSNA in 1983 he has to travel back to 1969 for OHMSS...)

I think about this stuff too much, don't I?

But I still want a regeneration story, and a multi-Bond story!

Maybe the DB5 is his TARDIS - Well, the DB5 is definitely proof of timey-wimeyness, given that Craig has it in 2012, before it being issued to Connery in 1964...

Before anybody asks, M and Q are not Timeys - M is just the designation for the head of Service (in real life it's C, after Mansfield Cumming, so the M probably is named for him too), while Q simply stands for Quartermaster - also, Robert Browning appeared before becoming M, so is probably the same character, while Cleese's character became known as Q after his predecessor's retirement.

Moneypenny, OTOH, is up for grabs as a Time Lord, but it's as likely to be a family line.

Interestingly, the Judi Dench M in the three Craig films isn't necessarily the same one from the four Brosnan films... Since in Skyfall she was head of the Hong Kong station in 1997, while a different Judi Dench M was head of service at the same time! Twin sisters, obviously. Or clones. Orphan M.

And this is me sober...

Some fucker's going to make me write this pseudonymously, I can tell.
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Before DVD, commentaries were recorded for the James Bond Laserdiscs, and quickly pulled at Cubby Broccoli's insistence. Now they've escaped...
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I do love this for background fun - one of my favourites in the series, certainly my favourite of Brosnan’s four… The para glider chase is unnecessary, but would have worked fine if they’d put that French horn blare on jumping between explosions in the actual movie, as they do here in the trailer. (That sequence in the movie is very disappointingly scored, especially compared to the rest of the film.)
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I like to have a spot of familiar old fun on as background while typing up notes of an evening, so for tonight, well, there's little that fits the description better...

Fans of the books Bond hate it, but it's great big-screen safe and familiar fun...

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...…suddenly wishes there was - and by that I mean wishes I could write - Eve Moneypenny spinoff novels. I dread to think what Glidrose and Eon would say to that…

(And, no I know there were the Moneypenny Diaries, but I’m thinking specifically of the new Naomie Harris version from Skyfall)
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Hm, what to put on as background while working? Something familiar... Oh, I know, Bond. Bond always works for that! So, I dunno if I'll embark on a full run, since there isn't a new one coming out soon, and I had Thunderball on a few weeks ago, but for today...

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kd lang's Surrender was supposed to be the title song for Tomorrow Never Dies, and was originally called Tomorrow Never Dies - notice how the phrase is repeated during the song, as opposed it's single use in Sheryl Crow's song - but got a title change and shunted to the end credits when Sheryl Crow proved to have a better agent. (Her song was intended for the end credits, and was originally titled "Until That Day")

So here's how it should have gone...


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