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Day 30 - Saddest death scene

Oh, I’m not really sure. My default go-to here would be Spock in Wrath Of Khan, but I don’t want to do the obvious, and my other most likely pick - Arwen’s vision of an Aragron-less future in The Two Towers - isn’t really a death scene.

Tracy in OHMSS is more of a shock moment, (and my reaction to Vesper’s in Casino Royale has nothing to do with the character and everything to do with mmory)...Sirius Black’s is too fumbled and WTF....

This is really another category where most of my feels would come from TV shows rather than movies. That said, I’m always affected by a good self-sacrifice blaze of glory, so Katsumoto in Last Samurai, Stoick in How To Train Your Dragon 2, V in V For Vendetta.... Any of those kind of suicidal charge into impossible odds thigs.

Which, I suppose, ultimately brings me back, after all other attempts have failed, to:

Ah fuck

Feb. 27th, 2015 05:38 pm
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Bagpipes at the ready...

Before anybody asks, no I will not be watching TWOK tonight... but maybe one of the other movies, or Unification, or even some Mission Impossible.

And his last tweet: https://twitter.com/TheRealNimoy/status/569762773204217857
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Read Dave Stern's Enterprise book "Rosetta" - liked it, though I couldn't help seeing Coruscant in the planet most of it is set on, and a certain other franchise towards the end...

Not that I'm complaining; it was fun, and the characters all sounded right, which is important in a tie-in franchise.

Now I'm on to Chris Roberson's "Book Of Secrets"...
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The cover for an upcoming book from Sequart Press - and, why, yes, I *have* written one of the chapters, actually…

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Argh, what the fuck is up with the music track on the HD version of TNG's episode "Descent part 1"? Holy fuck, it's wailing and warbling all over the place, like they've got it on vinyl and can't pick the right speed!

I give up, it's just passed the credits and I'll put my boot through the TV if-

Oh, wait, it's fixed now that the credits are finished.

Still, there's a heads-up.
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Yay for today's guest on The Saturday Kitchen being Colm Meaney (who healthily lists his food heaven as mushrooms and his food hell as pies and pastries)
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There was another song intended for Enterprise, and used in trailers on UPN, before Faith Of The Heart got put on the titles. Wherever You Will Go, by The Calling... Here's how it would have looked...

TBH I actually like Faith Of The Heart *better* than this version! Though it's clear the titles were assembled to this track, as it fits the buildup of tone and volume a lot more precisely than it does FOTH.
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No, I'm not writing another one (Wish I was), but...

What's a guy who didn't see TMP, TWOK or Nemesis at the cinema to do? Oh yeah, be a guest at this: http://startrekmarathontheritz.eventbrite.co.uk/ Jim Swallow's there too.
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Just finally fucking saw Into Darkness. Good fun- felt a bit like a "greatest hits" compilation of previous Trek movies, but was fun. Felt more like an action movie than a Trek movie - BC was great, totally stole the show....
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Also before I may disappear for little bit while out and about, I should add that it seems I'll be doing some panels at


Specifically a Trek one, and four Dr Who ones - including the "villains we love to hate" one, for obvious reasons... You can bet the words "feuding exes" will appear if I'm not gagged when the Master is discussed...
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Fuck cunt arse bastard motherfucker - I just discovered this fucking minute that our local fleapit had Into Darkness this week, without having advertised in advance, and the last fucking showing finishes in 20 minutes. Cunt fuck motherfucker. And from tomorrow it's back to pish for the blue-rinse crowd with The Great fucking Gatsby. Cunt.
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Yay, Cross-Cult will be doing a German translation of IFM in December - I'm stoked for that, cos they do such great alternate covers for the Trek books, and I can't wait to see what they do with it.

Mind you, I'm also curious to see what the German for "Gie him the severe Malky" turns out to be...



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