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Very important piece for anyone who still doesn’t see how the British public is being programmed, or who doesn’t get how insidious the patriarchy’s role is when pretending to take the feminist side in the matter of free speech…
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And, here we go... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25641801. Photo ID - which means those of us who don't drive and have expired passports cos of not travelling abroad lately are fucked. Which means it's really a scam to encourage folks to get some other form of photo ID card which will no doubt be announced by the government imminently.
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Basicallym ATOS cancel an interview with an apllicant for a job in their office because he's in a wheelchair and the lift doesn't go to their floor.
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Important point - banning search terms from returning results will pretty much just prevent users from seeing news reports and debate about the subject...

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Dear Mr C.A. Moron, Hate Mail, and others of similar ilk who seek to prevent adults from deciding what they can think: increasing censorship of pornography (which itself is is something of variable definition) *increases* real life sex crimes, not the other way round.

This has been repeatedly proved around the world. Thinking that removing porn from the internet (a physical impossibility anyway) will reduce rape or child abuse is like thinking that banning nicotine patches will reduce smoking, or that banning haircuts will reduce instances of having long hair...

Here's a clever plan - how about we do something that actually works correctly? Rather than the *exact fucking opposite* (see also C.A.Moron and Gormless George's growth-killing austerity programme.)




And don't even get me started on what the "porn blocks" will really block.... (Clue- the current mobile blocking apps the government wants also block access to sexual health sites, left-leaning newspapers, and so on...)
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Once again, the mind boggles. Until you see the words "Daily Mail" mentioned, then all is explained.


Somebody's obviously trying to start a competition with Richard Littlejohn to see who can be the most extremist cunt.
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Basically, people wrongly declared fit for work will have to waive their benefits in order to appeal.

We can haz revoloshun nao, plz?
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reaches a new low of bizarrity: Man born with no hands refused a visa because he can't give fingerprints. Apparently the UK authorities are unaware that footprints and ear-prints are equally individual alternatives.


I really had to resist putting the 10Doc "what what what" icon for this cos it's so fucking bizarre


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