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So, the local council election results: Please bear in mind the following
1) The governing party (or parties) always gets slaughtered at the locals as a protest.
2) Labour made a shitload more gains than UKIp, but that isn't news.
3) Most fools who did vote UKIP did so (I hope, anyway) because they're incorrectly seen as a "safe" protest vote, so don't expect them to do so well next year (cos next year is virtually certain to end with a minority Labour government).

On the downside, do expect the Tories, and to a lesser extent Labour, to swing to the Eurosceptic right for the coming year, because they think that's what will win back the UKIP voters.
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Oh, *that’s* why gyms are the one place where you *never* find gay people…

And the cunt’s not even original - it was a prevalent Victorian/Edwardian idea, and one of the reasons behind Baden-Powell’s creation of the scouts. (because obviously sending virilie young boys out camping together stops them bonding in un-Victorian ways, right?)

(why yes, I did notice that he actually said that in 2012, and even cites those same Victorians)
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Harriet Harman's tweet is the scariest thing in UK politics in years when you think about the implications. Orwell was right, and the War On Words is in full swing.

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The problem being that as long as the papers and politicians are driven by the perception instead of the reality, things will continue to get more and more unbalanced. This is what allows the policies you hate to be promoted.
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Remind me, is this the same UK government that’s into shutting down lapdancing clubs, criminalising the buying of sex, censoring “porn” on the internet, and combating the sexualisation of young girls? Cos, y’know, maybe they should pick one side of the argument or the other and stick to that?

Maybe they want a monopoly - what could possibly go wrong?
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Very important piece for anyone who still doesn’t see how the British public is being programmed, or who doesn’t get how insidious the patriarchy’s role is when pretending to take the feminist side in the matter of free speech…
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And, here we go... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25641801. Photo ID - which means those of us who don't drive and have expired passports cos of not travelling abroad lately are fucked. Which means it's really a scam to encourage folks to get some other form of photo ID card which will no doubt be announced by the government imminently.
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"Porn filters block sex education websites"

And also sexual health sites, rape and abuse help centres’ contact details, as well as wordpress and blogspot.

It’s not about “protecting the children”, it’s about controlling the population, with the tests focussing on something easy to spin as populist.
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Just a reminder that, no, I haven’t stopped posting politcical an feminist stuff, they’re just now under a separate sub-blog at http://www.lonemagpie_v.livejournal.com
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Not a joke...


Despite the headline, this is actually about an Iranian woman who has been convicted of racism in Denmark for slagging off so-called “honour killings”, and whose art exhibition in London has been quietly brushed under the carpet and not reported by UK art press.
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Fucking hell...

So, basically, anything you do that anyone in a mood finds annoying, or anyone with a grudge against you finds annoying, especially if they're a copper, will now be illegal and punishable by a form of control order on you...
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Somebody talks some sense about educating the youngsters about naughty internet stuff! He'll doubtless be fired and/or prosecuted for it...

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On the upside, it's nice to see that the Commons voted against taking military action against Syria. Use of chemical weapons against their own people is a crime against humanity, but there are better ways of discouraging it than starting yet another war when we've only got about two planes and a couple of platoons left after the cuts...

Among all the other good reasons for staying out...


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