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So, a bunch of us were transporting three coats for Conrad Veidt (Connie wasn't actually in the dream, by the way, we were just trying to deliver these coats to the theatre where he'd be needing them).

In Citizen Khan's car. (If you don't know that show, you're probably lucky)

From Birmingham to Bradford by way of at least one flooded spooky old house, and lots of juggling things around in rain-soaked car parks.

After which we had a message that Connie thought the show was his worst ever.

Even in my dreams I let everybody down sooner or later.
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And we seem to have no hot water, fuck knows why cos the immerser's still working. At least it's light's on...
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Hm, there's a lonemagpie on Tumblr - and it's not me. That's... kind of annoying!
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They weren't

Why do we only know guys like Burroughs, Kerouac and Ginsberg from the "Beat Generation" of writers, and not have a female equivalent? The answer's fucking horrifying.

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reaches a new low of bizarrity: Man born with no hands refused a visa because he can't give fingerprints. Apparently the UK authorities are unaware that footprints and ear-prints are equally individual alternatives.


I really had to resist putting the 10Doc "what what what" icon for this cos it's so fucking bizarre
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UK manufacturers/retailers to ration baby milk formula


Today of all days...

Why does...

Apr. 7th, 2013 08:43 pm
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Lesley want to watch The King's Speech at 9, when there's a Children Of The Stones DVD needing watched?
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Weird, while looking something up, I actually had that feeling of "oh, this is what it's like when some other group tries to appropriate your culture." Very strange. Never mind, they're harmless, and the stuff I'm writing won't write itself... Back to the salt mines...
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Oh my fucking god... I don't know what's funnier - the reviews on the page, or the fact that they actually market pens this way!



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