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Ah, another of those "not a resolution, but a normal thing I've now been restored enough to get back to" that today (being Twelfth Night, and the decorations are down) is appropriate to go back to- the minimum daily word count, put ahead of hobbies and stuff, certain people (who I'm married to, especially) take note. Traditionally it was 2000 words, but has historically varied up past 5-6k when I was on a roll, albeit not for about 18 months.

So... (Well, I say that, but have surgeries again next weekend, so fuck knows how efficiently this'll work, depending on what they do then.)
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Time to fulfil a regular New Year tradition and write a least a line of something new as a start as a I mean to go on thing... Though this time it's a couple of short pieces anyway, so...
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Interesting - although I have several books upcoming, none of them have specific due dates. Which is good for freedom and not killing myself trying to get them done (like I did last year), but somewhat iffy on the knowing when payday is side of things...

I've probably lost track of various short stories or articles that I should have done, in the whole getting-killed-off-repeatedly-last-season thing...
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Of course, now the newly-nodded book will need a new title, as the original one referenced an element that's no longer in it.... And we know how I am with titles... Not that I haven't thought of one, but I expect to get lynched for it... We#ll see what my co-author thinks..
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Some good news at last, and the first new book nod of the year....
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I feel a bit weird about seeing a different year on the calendar - I mean, same shit different day and all that, but it gives me shivers. The phrase "demon gunning for you last year" got used last night, and, yeah.... Two near-misses with spinach, one anaphylactic hit, and one full-on autodestruct later... It's weird. I've been damn near killed off before, but that was in the first half of the relevant year, and it's amazing how one forgets how weird it can feel afterward. Brains are strange things.

(But you know what they say- That which does not kill me.... just made a big fucking mistake.)

No, in the vein of start as you mean to go on, what bit of new writing or pitch shall I start today, I wonder...


Dec. 30th, 2015 10:33 pm
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Trying to think of a military history subject I know enough about to write about, but - and here's the catch - which *hasn't* been done lots and recently...
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So, if I was to dabble in novelising something just for the practice and experience, cos I've never done one, as part of what's left of NaNoWriMo... What sort of thing should I do? Something in public domain, like one of the last four Rathbone Holmes movies? Something popular and more modern, like one of the non-Fleming Bond movies? Either way, it should definitely be something never had a novelisation - no point my doing one if there already is one.

Of course, if you're in the business and know of a paid novelising gig for something, please feel free to give me a go at that!
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So, went to bed about 8:30 AM, after book-finishing all-nighter, woke up about 11:30.. Feeling semi drunk or that irritating-stoned rather than relaxing stoned, due to only 3 hours sleep in 48 hours, and people in town and supermarket (which had neither £4 keyboard nor coffee machine - there’s a bit missing from mine) being moronic zombies…. Which means I’m not up to cooking stuff for tomorrow’s Shire day, but will hopefully be up for shooting longbow and poking people with swords. And I feel some model-building and Tumblr giffing coming on.


Well, the “shoot longbow and poke people with swords” plan didn’t go so well - having tossed and turned all night (can’t get my right arm joints comfy) and rushed out without breakfast, I only hit the target with two arrows out of 18 (and I think Yannick Normandy​
will confirm I’ve never shot *that* badly) and keeled over. (certain people laughing behind me didn’t help, even though they probably weren’t laughing at me) So I got sent home to go back to bed, which, unusually for me, I did. (at least I woke in time to catch the Gand Prix only missed the first four laps)

So, having embarrassed myself this way, I can olnly conclude that either a) the spring and summer of altenating injury and illness has left me more broken than I thought, or b) I just can’t do the long strings of 48 hour shifts while skipping proper meals (the last bit of book was fuelled by dy conflakes and last year’s chocolate Xmas tree decorations that i found at the back of the cupboard) the way I could five or ten years ago…

Apparently I need an actual rest to be fit to have a holiday break… (Raglan week should have been it, but of course was the fighting off anaphylactic shock week)

Dammit, I want to shhot, and fence, and build models, and read books, and play my new guitar, and hang out with people who are all hundreds - at least - of miles away… But I also don’t quite know how to not work, cos my urge is to start typing on the next book…
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Yesterday I picked up the back-issue of Fortean Times dated December last year (cos I'd got November and January, but was missing the one between), and lo and behold there was a little review of my and Lesley​'s Wizards book - a *very* short review, but calls it "A charming romp through history and legend ... great for young minds, as it balances wonder with fact and context."
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There's some truth to that accusation of being unreliable and untrustworthy. I never used to be, always had a reputation for reliability, bot professionally and personally - ask any editor still waiting on a late manuscript from me. What happened?

Professionally's the easy one: Had an agent, he didn't do any actual represantation of me, killed my career, then what I got it back I way overcommitted. When the contract famine ends, you feast on too much, which you'd get away with if not for the external factors that mess you up.

Personally, the last two years... bereavement, betrayal, family issues Lesley​ being... traumatised is the word, by an incident at work in late 2013), more family illness and being a carer, rounded off with bereavement again. All with, as I'm sure you've noticed, a side order of guilt It's been pretty stressful. And of course that also affects the professional commitments too.

Feels a bit weird now that the main thread of it is rounded off too. But at least they are rounded off. No more carer commitments. Time to not take on any more commissions until the backlog is cleared to manageability. Time for non-working hours to be me hours. I mean, I have a backlog of models to build, I haven't read a book for pleasure in about four months (and this is most unlike the usual me!). So, time to get me back, and not sacrifice myself to pursuers. Things will happen when they happen.
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So, yeah, 2016 is the 95th anniversary of the first Three Musketeers movie, and the 35th anniversary of Dogtanian, (and there's a third season of that BBC show) and so, to mark this, Candy Jar​ will be bringing out a book about Dumas's Three Musketeers, covering the novels, the different adaptations, and the historical reality behind the familiar legend, written by myself and [profile] sweetheartwhale... Title is still to be confirmed, but we have a year to write it...

Now to debate whether we should include the porno version with Ron Jeremy et al...
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So, I'm going to have to restart the year's "Recreational Reading" count from scratch, after the book I've been recreationally reading - The Black Count, by Paul Reiss - just got turned into a professional research for work thing, while I'm still reading it...
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So, for those wondering what to expect from The Schizoid Earth, which sees Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart of the Scots Guards "trapped in a past that never happened," as the tagline puts it... You can expect it to be mostly set in 1959, you can expect to see the TV characters of Edward and Anne Travers, and with guest stars including Jeremy Brett, Andrew Keir, and Edward Woodward. The tone will be in the mood of Danger Man, The Prisoner, Adam Adamant, original Mission Impossible... That kind of thing. Hopefully you'll be imagining a John Barry score...
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Well, then... A certain Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is heading back to the front, and I'm writing the third book of this set of four, called The Schizoid Earth...

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Day 20 - Favourite modern horror movie. Well, yeah, this one, today at least. I may be biased for several reasons.

If you don't count this as a horror movie, and think of it purely as an SF film, then a) you have a perfect right to hold that opinion, so long as you know it's wrong, and; b) there would instead be a three-way tie between Dawn Of The Dead (1978), Evil Dead 2, and Re-Animator.
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Today I've been mostly writing about El Dorado (the mythical city) and Cibola (also a mythical city).

I should probably also start thinking about the storyline for a novel of which all I can tell you about right now is the mysterious title: The Schizoid Earth...
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Another bloody book to write- don't I have enough of those for one year...?


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