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Time to fulfil a regular New Year tradition and write a least a line of something new as a start as a I mean to go on thing... Though this time it's a couple of short pieces anyway, so...


Jan. 1st, 2017 12:39 pm
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Remember, folks, if you want the year to be great and happy and stuff... you have to make it so. You have to *do* good things. Oh, there's always random outside shit that can mess things up, that you can't do anything about, so you have to do things about the stuff you can do things about!
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Oh, yeah, and I said this last year in one of the end of year memes, because I was in that kind of place after what happened last year, but I figure this is the right time to say it again, because it's a good way to round off the year and get closure, and to start off the new year and set a tone:
Go, right now, without passing go and collecting 200 anything, regardless of what else is happening, and tell someone you love that you love them. At least one person, by email, by phone, or in person. Whether it's romantic love, platonic, filial, maternal, paternal, whatever. You love someone, you tell them. Right now. Go on, the internet will still be here when you get back; we'll wait.
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I've had many “Happy Birthday” wishes and now it's the Happy New Year time. And... It has been a happy birthday, in that I've had nice noms, got some DVDs and stuff, and fenced in the dark. I'm not sure that just things make me happy, though – I've a huge backlog of DVDs to watch, games to play, and books to read, so mere material things aren't what makes me properly actually happy.

Being productive does; finishing stuff does, and achieving stuff does, whether it be in a game or in work, or whatever. I had hoped to finish some bits and pieces today – A Study in Steampunk especially – but didn't manage that. Seeing that somebody's learned something I taught them does. Interacting with friends does. I wonder if part of 2016 being rubbish is because of so many people who I didn't see at all this year.

Anyway, yeah, I have some nice things to enjoy, which is good. As for 2017, Yeah, I have stuff to finish, and stuff to start, and actually get to see some of those people. Which is nice. I don't do resolutions, as I've said before, but I do occasionally need to make note of reminders. I do have a convention or two to go to this coming year; I know that now that my eyesight has recovered somewhat, I actually can restore my book reading levels; I know I've got a routine sorted out over this year that keeps my sugar stable and low, and I just need to make sure I get doing that swordy teaching and coaching stuff...

Shit, there was something else I was going to say, and I forget what it is.


Dec. 31st, 2015 08:53 pm
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The other thing everybody does at this time of year is give their hopes and plans for the coming year. World peace, all the usual stuff.

My hopes would be much the same as pretty much everybody's *actual* hopes and wishes *every* day- have good health, get paid, sexual fun, that kind of thing.

Plans? Be me. The actual me, who always used to be reliable, be it in friendships or in writing work, rather than the declining unwell person of late.

That's pretty much all anybody really wants, IMO.
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Well, 2014 at least wasn’t as disastrous and filled with losses as 2013 was - we “only” lost Her Mogjesty, but at least gained Sforza Caterina and Lorenzo di Marmalade - but it was somewhat lacking in progress or achievement. I know there are some things I’ve done that are things I’ve done good - enabled getting Lesley’s mum home to a good new house, trained up Lesley to get authorised for her fencing, helped my friend when in hospital, got new books to write… But what I *feel* is the books undelivered, the boxes I haven’t sorted through yet, the friend I can’t help right now…

I think it’s Palahniuk’s Law - we don’t feel the good things as well as the bad, cos the good things don’t leave marks or scars. Or maybe it’s just that it’s as bad to have too little pride and arrogance as to have too much, because then victories or successes mean nothing and it’s just the failures and losses that remain.

Or maybe it’s all just random chance, shit happens.

Anyway, I’ll do my now-usual year’s soundtrack listing later.

As for New Year’s resolutions, well, I’ve never been a fan of them. I guess it’s the same as I always do: write as much as I can, help my loved ones as much as I can… Apparently I can’t take a hint on those things. Still an idiot (without a box), passing through, learning and trying to help. Yeah, I know all the advice would be “love yourself more as well”, but I don’t have the narcissism for it, and also I have a filthy mind and thus will always turn it into a wanking reference.
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Oh, I think last New Year I resolved to write a Western and/or crime novel, and.or screenplay, just for the practice. But then shit happened so I never found the time.

So I guess I'll resolve to do whichever of that in 2014.
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So, the year in review… No.

OK, there were nice bits: it was a Redemption year, Becky’s wedding, HMS Trincomalee, Sherlock Holmes, some wandering down south in good weather (including the Rollrights, Avebury, Stonehenge and Farnborough’s RAE museum, Nine Worlds, Halloween in Birmingham… Work-wise, it was the best year for some time. Lots of writing done and lovely new books, and made some home improvements.

On the downside, well, if you follow this blog then you already know the downsides. Deaths, loss, illness, etc.

So, no stupid end of year roundup memes for this blog. Not this year. Instead, as I did in place of a Redemption con report, you can have a track list. Find them and see if you can assemble the soundtrack to my year.
It sounds like a pretty good movie, actually, that I’d pay good money to see.

1. Energy Weapon Fails (Ron Jones, STTNG: The Best Of Both Worlds)
2. Enter Lord Vader (John Williams, Revenge Of The Sith)
3. Angel Main Theme (Darling Violetta, Angel)
4. Across The Stars (John Williams, Attack Of The Clones)
5. The Mad Man With A Box (Murray Gold, Dr Who)
6. Mhysa (Ramin Djawadi, Game Of Thrones Season 3)
7. Standing (Tony Head, Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More With
8. The Rains Of Castomere Extended (The Hold Steady, Game Of Thrones, fan edit on Youtube comprising the song from season 2, and A Lannister Pays His Debts from season 3)
9. Blackbeard (Hans Zimmer, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)
10. The Mouse Police Never Sleeps (Jethro Tull)
11. The End of All Things (Howard Shore: Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King)
12. Discombobulate (Hans Zimmer, Sherlock Holmes)
13. London Calling (The Clash)
14. I Love It When A Plan Comes Together (Alan Silvestri, The A Team)
15. Wander My Friends (Bear McReary, BSG season 2)
16. For The Realm (Ramin Djawadi, Game Of Thrones season 3)
17. Mission Impossible Live In Israel (Lalo Schifrin, The Best Of Mission Impossible)
18. Where Do We Go From Here (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Once More With Feeling)
19. Anakin’s Dark Deeds (John Williams, Revenge Of The Sith)
20. Breadcrumbs (Thomas Newman, Skyfall)
21. The Brotherhood Strikes (Harry Robertson, Twins Of Evil)
22. Sad Man With A Box (Murray Gold, Dr Who series 5)
23. Fall Of A House In Venice (David Arnold, Casino Royale)
24, Goodbye Colonel (Ennio Morricone, For A Few Dollars More)
25. End Credits (John Williams, Indiana Jones And The last Crusade)

There are definitely some people deserving of thanks – Anne without whom we just couldn’t have survived, all the Redemption folks, Misha and Zoe for hosting us at Sherlock time, Grouse for getting us to wise-up food wise and encouraging us to follow Conrad Veidt more closely, Adrian and Theresa for having us for Halloween, Lesley’s employers for being so understanding and helpful, and most of all the staff at Harrogate General for looking after Lesley’s mum.

What of 2014? Do I have New Year’s Resolutions?

Not really; don’t see the point, for the most part. I mean, I shall continue writing, so that doesn’t need a resolution, and the same goes for DIY and stuff.
The things that most people claim as resolutions are usually more like goals or ambitions or wishes- Sure I’d love to… fail people less, not lose any more friends, write another Star Trek or Dr Who, write for Star Wars or James Bond… But those are things you don’t just *do*.
I do intend to make sure to get more models built, though. Got derailed this year with the 1:1 scale stuff, i.e. the house.
Oh, yeah, cosplay Ezio at Nine Worlds, definitely mark me down for that, since he’s 55 in Revelations, so I’m still a decade younger than him!

Anyway, that’s my New Year post, covering the old year and the new. Now I’ve got about 7 or 8 books to get on with, and a birthday to have.


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