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Yeah, I've posted about that kind of thing before (such as here: http://lonemagpie.livejournal.com/746146.html) - thinking of the paragraph that goes "That patriachal shit is bad for us guys too. It's less obvious. but we're getting programmed to see women that way. it's not something that we're naturally born with - there are people doing it, usually to make money out of us, as well to keep half the damn species down. (oh, and that part doesn't just apply to women, but minorities too."

(Re: minorities, seriously, were there any non-whites of either gender in that video?)

The weird thing is - aside from there often being no connection between the thing being advertised and the image (I want to know, for example, how comfy and durable a shoe is, not how it looks on any naked women that happen to be draped around the shop... But then, I'm not normal, apparently) - that several of the genderswapped ones actually work better for ads intended for women's magazines (and here I'm thinking, for example, of the one with the three women in shades - surely that'd be a more sensible ad for shades or leather jackets in a fashion mag?), rather than looking daft.

And also that the "even a man can open it" one is pretty representative of fad that went through UK TV advertising a few years ago, (since apparently advertisers can only grasp the idea of equality in terms of "let's demean the other side for a change, two wrongs make a right, right?")

Thankfully I don't really see these types of print ads much, because I don't read those sorts of magazines (Radio Times and Fortean Times are about it for me), which saves my blood pressure...

Oh, and one other thing - the students who made the video do sort of undercut their point, unfortunately, by not noting that the people in the original ads are meant to be "hot", while their guys are... "lets take a weedy and chunky comedian and have them take the piss" rather than "let's apply the same objectivist visual standard"...
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... to advance the cause of women's rights and gender equality, according to this interview with singer and campaigner Annie Lennox (I knew there was a reason I usually think she's great!). And rightly so - both genders are human, all in it together, IMO... .

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Stirling Moss has long been a legend. Shame that today he seems to have either been drinking too much petrol, going senile, or just been a dinosaur after all... Susie Wolff, please show him how wrong he is by having a race seat and scoring points next season.

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A post on my LJ friends page, from Entorien Scriber´╗┐. This is exactly what I mean when I've said that the patriarchy we have (in the media especially) today hurts males too, and why more guys should resist it.

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I do hope Susie Wolff gets a proper F1 race seat - there ought to be some women in F1, and since she's a dev/test driver for Williams, and Sir frank has announced that his daughter will take over from him, how cool would it be for a female-run team to have the only female driver?


Sadly, the "young driver" programme is really for 18-21-ish drivers, and she's 30, but she has the experience...
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Which will be triggery to a lot of people.


I'm almost reluctant to bring this up because of how bad the BBC's journalism was on the Philpott/Poly story the other day meaning I've no real idea of how fucking accurate their other reporting is. But, as the Doctor said in Saturday's episode, we never walk away...

I need to take off the V mask and cloak for the day and actually do some fucking work at some point...
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Actually, wait, there *is* something that makes me angry and depressed, and needs to be addressed, about Mag the Bag's death. And it's this: It saddens, depresses, and angers me that today, and for at least a couple of weeks to come, the media and commentators and, yes, even the ordinary people in the streets, will be focussed on - even consumed with - the percieved legacy of someone who last mattered more than 20 years ago, and thus totally wilfully ignorant of and blinded to the shit that the government is doing *now*.

And we really, those of who think and post, need to guard against that, and to not let what's happening now, in 2013, be buried either by the hatred of or the beatification by the Tory press of, someone from what is now history. Because, you know, and I know, that they will try that. there'll be sycophantic documentaries replacing proper programmes in the schedules, diverting us from this week's benefits changes (for one example.) There'll be vilifications from the other side, hoping we won't notice that Labour are split on those benefit changes (to name but the same example.)

Don't let them do that. Whether you're mourning the Falklands War leader or celebrating the removal of the milk snatcher, don't be so tied up in the politics of 30 years ago to let go for a vital moment of the situation *today*.

Says a guy who was dressed as V for a weekend a month ago...

One other thing about Thatcher, that even the most ardent hater ought to remember- That was a woman, in very much a man's world. Female deadlier than the male. And that makes the position she reached very much an achievement worth - well, not celebrating, in her case, but worth admiring, and worth wishing a more moderate one had achieved. (This is today's feminist comment!).

But enough of her - look at what's happening with the new disability benefits and stuff coming in today! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22058059
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And need one appropriate for the f-word I'm not using posts... Thinking of Admiral Cain, but Lesley wants to steal all the good ones for her LJ!
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Probably something like this:

Which is pretty much more like how women warriors on book covers *should* look, as opposed to three-coin armour.

(and I wish I could remember where that pic came from. I really wanted to shrink it to use as an icon but it just doesn't work at 100x100...)
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Here's a website recommendation for those of us who loathe misogyny and patriarchy: http://manboobz.com/faq/ - I've linked to FAQ rather than the home page as is a likely to be a triggery place for the sensitive, as it is about exposing douchebags who say stupid things

There's another interesting site here too - http://mendaredo.com/about/ - though it's less satirical, and is coming from a more political angle than I do (I'm more from ainstinctive angle)

But it's nice to know there are other guys who are as sick of the patriarchy as I am.
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Had been unsure whether to recommend the Femen website or facebook page about the campaign to free the cmpaigner known as Amina because, you know, guy sharing a page of topless women could be misinterpreted... Then I was just about convinced to do it because of their page being hacked by appalling violent threatening fuckwits...


When it turned out she actually was released three days ago. So, yay for that.

But the cave-men hackers with threats, and the priest in charge of Tunisia's committee for the prevention of vice and whatever that the Islamic patriarchy likes to call its Thought Police, who has been calling for her to be stoned to death for heinous crime of having both a vagina and an opinion - http://www.womenundersiegeproject.org/blog/entry/womens-bodies-cause-of-epidemics-and-disasters#.UVSdE8Ex7n4.twitter - (weird, I've looked all through my copy of the Quran and can;t find the bit that prohibits that) need to be dragged kicking and screaming at least into the second millennium.

Where did I leave the swords...?
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I'd been thinking over the past week about making a post about this, as, over time, I've had several different people call me "the most feminist man I know." Feminist? Me? I wondered.

I certainly wouldn't call myself that. No, I mean, quite aside from being a man (really, I have a beard and penis and everything), there are so many definitions and interpretations of that word. And, in general, any social or political viewpoint word ending in an "ism" usually is referring to a bad thing, rife with the opportunity for turning into viciousness.



I've just fucking had it up to here with a patriarchal society and media. Really, and it's not just the Oklahoma case this week, or the shit in India, etc. It's not just the assholes in geek and gaming culture who turned on the likes of Anita Sarkeesian. It's... all of it.

The whole culture from business to government to media to education that all has this slight bias that females are somehow less. Less valuable, less important, less worthy... Fuck right off. The genders may be different (very slightly), but neither is more or less than the other. They're both fucking human. Or, as I find myself thinking every time I go in the supermarket, "stupid apes."

No, I'm not into all that stuff about "gender parity" because gender shouldn't matter. I just want to see guys - and yes, it's pretty much always guys, men, males - treat the girls and women like, well normal fucking people. As good as they treat themselves, in fact.

Come on, it's not fucking rocket science.

And, here's another thing: That patriachal shit is bad for us guys too. It's less obvious. but we're getting programmed to see women that way. it's not something that we're naturally born with - there are people doing it, usually to make money out of us, as well to keep half the damn species down. (oh, and that part doesn't just apply to women, but minorities too. Just the other day I found myself replying to a comment elsewhere about there being noises of sexual appreciation over an actor in a film that Lesley and I watched, to point out that I wasn't the one fancying him. Why did I even have to say that? Cos that's the subliminal programming in a heterocentral partiarchy.)

Don't take that crap. Don't be a fucking programmed caveman - be cool and not an asshole. How hard is that? Not hard at all. If youre not part of the solution to this, you're definitely part of the fucking problem.

There shouldn't be a patriarchy - or a gynarchy, or an oligarchy, or any of that. Know what it should be? The Greek word would be Isoarchy, or Isosarchy - rule of equals.

I'd call it simply treating women as equals. And everybody else, for that matter.

If that's the sort of thing you call feminist then I guess you can call me that. If not, then at least remember the Two commandments: 1) Be cool to everybody, 2) Don't be a fucking asshole.


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