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Just a heads-up that the BBFC have certified a bunch of extras including the cinema intros, for a bigger rerelease of the Dr Who 50th Anniversary special.

So those of you who didn't see that coming and bought the bare-bones one got fucked again...

Also certified are The Science of Dr Who, and Dr Who- The Ultimate Guide. Whether they'll be included in a set with the DOTD Collector's Edition, or released separately, isn't clear yet, but since they were anniversary shows I'd expect they'll be in the same box as the 50th.
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Music Monday- Lesley wanted to know what the music track for the War Doctor's regeneration was, so I've trawling through the DW soundtracks, and it turns out to be this, from the Series 5 soundtrack.

Since today is Music Monday, I may as well share it...

(No, I'm not sad, and it picks up towards the end of the track. The bit used for the regeneration is the middle section, from around 1'30-2'25")
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Watched it again last night and thought it was great - except for the stick-out-like-a-sore-motherfucking-ten-foot-thumb Jon Culshaw impression of Hartnell. Which is so bad I didn't realise until re-viewing that it was supposed to *be* Hartnell and not Tom...

Why the fuck didn't they get the pitch-perfect Hartnell impersonator from that Youtube remake of the now-lost trailer for An Unearthly Child? Y'know, the one guy who actually sounds like Hartnell?

[looks at the credits again] fucking hell, so it *was* the same guy - so why was he so fucking Jon Culshaw in this when we know he can do it perfectly elsewhere?


Nov. 23rd, 2013 09:20 pm
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Yes, that was good.

In quiz memes I always come out as the Fourth, and I've always thought I'm more like the Sixth... But no.

I am the John Hurt Doctor, really. The one who... well, Lesley said it better as we were watching, so I'm sure she'll comment.
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So, is he winding us up or what?

Of course they were all in The Name Of The Doctor... Sort of. I'm basically guessing a voice performance.


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