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Day 31 - Scene that made you stand up and cheer.

Two spring to mind. One is in Superman II, after Supes has removed his powers, the villains take over, and Clark goes back to the Fortress of Solitude to find a piece of Kryptonite... At which point there's a sequence where we start hearing a muted rumble of the theme, newspapers on the street are blown around by something passing over, people look up - and that was enough to get the whole cinema audience cheering.

This is the other one, though it was only myself and one othr Scottish guy in a Leeds cinema who were actually cheering...

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Day 30 - Saddest death scene

Oh, I’m not really sure. My default go-to here would be Spock in Wrath Of Khan, but I don’t want to do the obvious, and my other most likely pick - Arwen’s vision of an Aragron-less future in The Two Towers - isn’t really a death scene.

Tracy in OHMSS is more of a shock moment, (and my reaction to Vesper’s in Casino Royale has nothing to do with the character and everything to do with mmory)...Sirius Black’s is too fumbled and WTF....

This is really another category where most of my feels would come from TV shows rather than movies. That said, I’m always affected by a good self-sacrifice blaze of glory, so Katsumoto in Last Samurai, Stoick in How To Train Your Dragon 2, V in V For Vendetta.... Any of those kind of suicidal charge into impossible odds thigs.

Which, I suppose, ultimately brings me back, after all other attempts have failed, to:

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Day 29 - Movie you have watched more than ten times. Well, trying to avoid anything with the words Star Wars or James Bond involved...
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Day 28 - Most over-hyped movie.

Usually the latest one. Especially if it involves superheroes.
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Day 27 - Best villain

Well, there are a lot of great villains I really love for various reasons: Hans Gruber, Keyser Soze, Guy of Gisburn, Francisco Scaramanga, etc - in fact I may have to make or find a villains’ month meme for October.

But, for those of us of a certain age, there is one figure more iconically villainous than any other... Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith...

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Day 26 - Freakishly weird movie ending.

Well, neither freakish nor weird means necessarily bad, so this is a favourite....

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Day 23 - Best explosion or action scene

I have lots of favourite action scenes, but this is probably my favourite explosion. Yippee-ki-ay…

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Day 22 - Favourite final scene/line

Well, since I already used the end scene of The Usual Suspects as an answer, I’ll pick a final line here.

“This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
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Day 21 - Favourite romantic couple.

Oh. Here we have a problem, in that most of my favourite ships are from TV shows, not movies. Tempted though I am to say Rick Blaine and Louis Renault...

But then I realised the question doesn’t say “characters” and so the answer became a lot easier!

Who else, but Bogie and Bacall.
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Day 20 - Favourite kiss. Oh, easily that one I had at the end of the first Nine Worlds with-

Oh, wait, favourite kiss in a *movie*? Right....

I'm going to cheat a bit, and interpret this as the favourite kissing *scene*, and go a bit different, with (spoilers here, but it's been 28 fucking years, come on) the end of Cinema Paradiso, in which, as the cinema is sold to be demolished and replaced by a car park, the now-adult who used to be the kid helping the old blind projectionist finally sees the reel of screen kisses that the village priest had cut out of all the classics shown there back in the day...

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Day 19 - Best cast.

Hm. I’m tempted to go with Casablanca again here, or The Blues Brothers. But both of those had been previous answers this month, and I want a different one each time. So...

Either version of Ocean’s 11 is tempting, as is The Expendables, and I very very nearly plumped for Heat... but I’m going to go a little bit more old school....

Almost tied with The Longest Day, but Steve McQueen wins it for this one. Wander down the bit parts and you’ve got David McCallum, Gordon Jackson, even Ian fucking Chesterton from Dr Who is in it.

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Day 18 - favourite title sequence
Well, I’m going to offer up a podium finish of three contenders here.
In third place, because it;s the most recent, and so may be stuck in my head to an unfair degree: Deadpool. In second place, Casino Royale (2006) - aside from loving the song, I like the ay the animation style is both modern but also reflects an aesthetic of the time when the original novel was published. I love how the various kills Bond makes in the movie are prefigured in the titles too.

But the winner is Watchmen here. (Be warned, the video has a cover version of the song, and so overwrites the sound effects, but is the most complete version of the visuals I could find on Youtube.) It does offer a big problem for the film, actually - especially if you know your history and the graphic novel - because it's such a great sequence, almost an arthouse movie in its own right, that nothing else in the film can or does quite live up to it... But that still makes it my favourite title sequence.

(Insert shoutout to the Pink Panther movies here...)

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I'm going to be busy tomorrow, so let's do the movie meme day 17 now...
Day 17 - Favourite series of related movies. Are you fucking kidding me? Does anybody who follows this blog not know *exactly* what this answer's going to be...?

Well, you know the name... You know the number.

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Day 16 - your guilty pleasure movie. Well, lots - often featuring cheesy action or comedy. But today, and just because it's so ill-regarded, I'll go with this...

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Day 13 - favourite animated movie.

OK... Let's split this.

Traditional animation: The 40s Tom And Jerry shorts, collectively. TThey were made for cinema showings, even though we not think of them as TV fixtures. If I had to pick one, it'd be Cat Concerto.

Anime: Ghost In The Shell 2.0.

CG animation... I'm going to lean towards Shrek 2 here, though I'm not sure. The Incredibles andanything with Minions in are pretty damn close...
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31 Day Movie Meme - Day 12 - Best soundtrack/background music in a scene.

There are a lot of great soundtracks, and a lot of great scenes, but one small piece of matching music to visuals.... This has always stuck in my head.

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31 Days Of Movies meme - Day 11 - A movie that disappointed you. Well, there are plenty of options, but having watched The Martian at the weekend puts me in a mood to nominate this muddled mix of trying to have its cake and eat it. Lovely to look at, but... (Obviously Alien 3 andAlien Resurrection were also disappointments at the time...)


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