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Between the murders of two journalists by IS, and the murder in London of an 82 year old woman by a psycho, the BBC have taken a chopper to this week's episode.


So, the leaked download version it is for me, then.
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I was going to say how I annoyed I was that because I was away at the weekend I not only missed the German Grand Prix but also the Monty Python gig being televised - and how, by extension, I was relieved that it was repeated last night so I could record it.

Then I saw this - and was doubly relieved that I recorded the later repeat!
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Harriet Harman's tweet is the scariest thing in UK politics in years when you think about the implications. Orwell was right, and the War On Words is in full swing.

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Very important piece for anyone who still doesn’t see how the British public is being programmed, or who doesn’t get how insidious the patriarchy’s role is when pretending to take the feminist side in the matter of free speech…
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"Porn filters block sex education websites"

And also sexual health sites, rape and abuse help centres’ contact details, as well as wordpress and blogspot.

It’s not about “protecting the children”, it’s about controlling the population, with the tests focussing on something easy to spin as populist.
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Somebody talks some sense about educating the youngsters about naughty internet stuff! He'll doubtless be fired and/or prosecuted for it...

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For all that the Graudian has been heading towards Hate Mail levels of pro-censorship idiocy in recent months, Laurie Penny still has it right.

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Yep. It's the same all round the world - despite what a vocal minority of thought-police with an agenda will tell you, wherever pornography and the sex industry is freed up, sex crims go down. Where it's restricted, sex crimes go up.


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