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Why isn't this a better regarded movie? (ditto also The Shadow, and, especially, The Rocketeer. Actually, the hell with it - it's Trailer Tuesday so I'm gonna post their trailers too!)

So, let's ask the same of The Shadow - Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The second of three underrated 90s comics-based movies...

And then there's the very best of them all, with a brilliant Timothy Dalton villain...

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Trailer Tuesday- I just managed to replace my non-working Magnificent Seven SE DVD with a working one from a charity shop, hurrah! And this trailer, with the cheesiest song that thankfully isn’t in the movie, was on it…

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Il Grande Duello was good - one of the better if stranger Spaghetti Westerns, mixing surprising daftness with an actual solid plot and decent twist. Plus, Lee Van Cleef starring. So, all good.

Well, except for the print. Movies 4 Men have a good set of Spaghettis, but their prints are diabolically awful (Blindman, in particular, is unwatchable picture quality) - in fact the trailer there is better quality than the movie I just watched...
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Trailer Tuesday- This just arrived from Amazon, so I'm watching the revamped version at last. Actually I've never seen the original episodic version anyway, cos I had the original 90 minute movie edit on VHS...

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Ooh, the US theatrical trailer for the Korda version... Aside from having the stunning June Duprez, and Conrad Veidt (he's a fucking antihero here, right, not a villain... But that's for another post) this is one of the seminal genre movies, as it essentially invented blue-screen as a genre tool. If you haven't seen it, you should- it's flawed but important.

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Trailer Tuesday- Carlito's Way. I'm watching this movie right now, since Lesley's never seen it. (She's already commenting on how Carlito and I appear to have a shared wardrobe, at least where leather coats are concerned. And beard. And shades. And apparently walk too.)

IMO the best movie of the 1990s, easily De Palma's best, probably my favourite Pacino, and I always cry at it.

The book's great too.

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Trailer Tuesday- One of Conrad Veidt’s best - apart from the crappy ending, which is totally wrong - with Joan Crawford as well.

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Trailer Tuesday- OK, this isn’t a real trailer for a real movie, but what the hell. I’ve spent 20 years wanting them to actually make this version of Hamlet…

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Trailer Tuesday- Just watched this on DVD, and loved it. Not quite as good a single nostalgia piece as the first one, but good fun, with proper action movie hilarious geekgasm when Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis all joined in for the big airport battle. (Actually Arnie and Bruce made a good double act there)

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Trailer Tuesday- I just picked Captain America: The First Avenger up in a charity shop, looking forward to seeing it… I love a good bit of WW2 pulp heroics.

I also finally managed to find the proper MGM DVD of The Bishop's Wife today in a charity shop - my second-favourite Xmas movie (after Die Hard), though this means it'll be a while before I watch it, since it's still July. But I have been looking for this for years...

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Trailer Tuesday- amazingly our local fleapit is getting this in a couple of weeks, even though they usually just get films for the blue-rinse crowd. Presumably being filled with the likes of Helen Mirren is what qualifies this one.

Anyway, the first one was great, and I’m looking forward to this.

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Turning TV shows into movies isn't a new phenomenon - back in the 60s, the first two Dr Who Dalek stories were turned into cinema outings...

Here are the trailers


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