CSI Raglan

Aug. 26th, 2016 09:40 pm
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Oh, now I remember what the other thing I meant to post about Raglan was - CSI Raglan.

There was this dead pig, to be cooked, and it had been arranged that it would be part of a live weapons test to see just what the historical weapons we re-enact would actually do to an organic human-analogue. It was very educational, scary in implication, and I'd urge HEMAists and re-enactors to look into this: I'd brought along my live rapier (17th Century Deschaux pattern, a French type) and used this to determine stuff like how much force does it take to run someone through, what happens when you twist the blade, and so forth.

Nowadays we have our puncture-tested clothing, and debate the calibration of how hard we make a touch with the point of the blade - are we doing it too hard or too lightly?

Long story short, the force required to reach out and press the light switch... put the blade clean through the carcass and our the other side. Think about that for a minute. Now think about this: the force we'd think of a good thrust in SCA fencing - say twice as the light switch - put the blade six inches into the carcass... through mail. Or chainmail as most people call it.

What this means is when you see a movie where they put the tip in and then give it a dramatic shove... In real life it'd already be through the guy. Puncture proofed clothing? With pointy blades it'd make no difference. This is why we have rubber blunts on the points, folks. Twisting the blade left a nice pencil-diameter tube through which any internal fluids would just pour out nicely.

A variety of other weapons were tried - an axe blade didn't cleave, but smashed ribs, a warhammer's spike left a diamond-shaped gusher both with and without mail... A scimitar didn't cleave, but worked well on the thrust. I'm focused on the rapier simply because that was my part. I did take the matching parrying dagger also, but didn't bother use it - I suspect the mail would have stopped it because the wider blade would give the material more surface to push against.

So, yeah, fascinating stuff, lovely bit of experimental learning.
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Hm, interesting way to test my level of health - my dual katanas vs case of rapier. And vs multiple opponents (which actually went better for me than against single opponents!) Overall, not fully powered, but better than recently, and a good sign of recovery.
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Ah, that was a fun night, but I expect everything will ache tomorrow- fencing, combat in armour (apparently I look like someone who enjoys that, and I did), a spot of rapier teaching, and disarms. (Apparently my individual specialist secret move is "I have the advantage of you, my Lord - you are encumbered by a sword.") Anyway, yes fun - rapier fencing is fun and so is bashing each other in the head while wearing armour... But my muscles will all ache tomorrow!
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On the upside, new shiny has arrived! Matching French 17th century repro live rapier and main gauche. I have a weird dreamy orgasmic feel... Sadly no pictures today as none of the stuff with cameras are charged up.

I have to say, though, that fucker has a point literally like a regular sewing needle - it's sharper than, say, the point of a panel pin, I swear... (no, I won't be sparring with it! I have safer blades for that, and it is too shiny for me to be OK with it getting dinged.)

Lesley, meanwhile, has a new button-tipped practical rapier, and the main gauche that's closest to the one Riario has in Da Vinci's Demons, so that it, at least, will go with the costume at conventions.
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You would want to name your new sword, having a acquired a matching live Deschaux rapier and main gauche, but can't get the Hound's comments about naming swords out of your head. That said, he's a wind-up merchant and probably has named his sword as well...
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That moment when you sigh cos none of the conventions you’re doing this year will let you (or anyone) wear, carry, or use, proper steel…

This is why those who do should sign up for Redemption…


Apr. 4th, 2014 12:11 am
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Somehow I've managed to get a hole in the inside of the base of my index finger from a sword-point, *without* getting a corresponding hole in the glove I was wearing at the time. WTF? How did *that* work?


Also this makes typing a bit of an awkward and stinging business...
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Ooooh, look what just arrived… New shiny!

Stage combat English 17th-century pattern rapiers. One each for my wife (who now wants to be a Musketeer or a Condotierra when she grows up), and myself.

Of course, now we have to figure getting the new rapiers personalised so we know which is who's - thinking of family mottoes: Lesley's is nescit cedere (does not know how to give up) and mine is per ardua (through hardship).
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Dammit, with all this Musketeer stuff around right now, it just makes me wonder why we never had Basil Rathbone as Rochefort... Or, fuck it, let's have him as one of the good guys - Aramis, most likely.

It's always a mixed experience watching a Rathbone duel; they're always worth watching, they're always great, but because he always plays bad guys he always has to lose - to an inferior swordsman. And they're always inferior swordsmen cos, basically, Basil was the greatest fencing actor who ever graced the silver screen, end of.

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I may have slightly ordered a matching pair of stage-combat English 16th Century pattern rapiers for our anniversary.


Dec. 13th, 2013 10:59 pm
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Despite the rubbish weather and frequent hospital visits (Lesley's mum was saying she'd had a consultant round today who'd come to the conclusion that she had had a bad stroke. Yeah, great guess, Sherlock, that's why she's been in the fucking Stroke ward for three weeks...) I seem to be feeling positive and getting recharged. It may be because of the end of the year approaching, or the Bond movies and sword practice.

Fic Ritson

Dec. 13th, 2013 12:34 am
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So, with Lesley having been ficcing Da Vinci's Demons and especially focussing on Riario, who has to teach her about the era's swordplay, eh? Muggins here, that's who. And who also has to listen to her read out bits all the time, cos she's incapable of writing scenes without storytelling/performing them....

But in revenge I just showed her the League Of Gentlemen episodes in which Blake Ritson (Riario in Da Vinci's Demons) is the object of Herr Lipp's affections...
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Of these two things so you can see the similarity in style...

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I just noticed that the dressage whip I bought the other day perfectly matches my Zorro rapier - both have leather-wrapped hilts with silver pommels and little reflective jewel bits set into the grip... I must take a picture tomorrow...
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Newest addition to my personal collection: A 1907 Pattern bayonet issued to my great-grandfather-in-law in 1915, which he kept as a souvenir, and which we’re not entrusting to the removal men when my mother-in-law moves house tomorrow.

It’s in really great condition, impossible to believe it’s 98 years old!


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