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And for tonight's dinner, baked smoked fish and parma ham.

Really easy healthy (low-fat, no carbs) high-protein one. For each portion, get yourself a 150-200g fillet of your preferred smoked fish - I prefer cod or hoki, but you can use haddock, basa, whatever, so long as it's smoked.

On a square of tinfoil, lay a wide sheet of parma ham, and sprinkle on some basil and tarragon. then put a couple of sundried tomatoes on it.

Spread some soft cream cheese on one side of the piece of fish, and put it cheese-side down on the ham, herbs and sundrieds. Now spread cream cheese on the top, add a couple of sundrieds, and sprinkle with the herbs.

Fold the ends of the ham up over the fish, then put on another slice of ham, and fold the ends of that under the whole package.

Now fold the tinfoil sheet up over it all and wrap it as a package and bung it on a baking tray in the oven at about 180C for 20 minutes or so. Job done...
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Et pour notre repas ce soir, un cassoulet du bambi mort... I should really post the recipes sometime.
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OK, I am so going to have to try that rabbit recipe from Richard II's kitchens. Rabbit pieces, seasoned with salt, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, currants and chopped red onions. All that seasoning mixed a bowl, the rabbit pieces dipped in, and then fried up a little first, before the contents of the bowl are tipped into the pan and simmer for 30-35 minutes.

BBC Four's "How To Get Ahead In A Medieval Court" just had Clarissa Dickson-Wright do that, and now I know I want to try it for Easter...
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Was nice.

Dusted with cornmeal, gram flour and cornflour, fried to seal it, then into a casserole with veg and mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, red wine, sour cream, garlic and fresh rosemary out of the garden...

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Right, I can confirm that the big banana + two eggs, in a blender = perfect pancake batter. Add a spot of salt, pepper, and cinnamon, and fry in butter or lard, and out come perfect pancakes with less carbs and no flour or (if you're lactose intolerant) milk. They don't actually taste very banana-ish either. Just pancake-ish.

I loved them, Lesley loved them, her mother loved them, and Her Mogjesty Katerina loved them. Bel and Cleo gave a "these are fucking banana, not dead pig, what the fuck are you trying to pull on us" look.

Sure you could fry them in whatever you like - sesame oil would be my other recommendation, flavour-wise. Butter or lard is just a better taste balance, and you don’t need a lot.

Needs a reasonably large banana, if you’ll pardon the expression - 8 or 9 inches at least. I suspect, given the similarity in structure, that plantain would also work.
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Hm, This should be interesting for those who like low-carb and gluten free…

The pictures say it all- a banana plus two eggs, run through a blender, makes a nice pancake batter… Just fry it up as normal.

I sense I'll be giving this to Lesley for breakfast... Since she's gluten intolerant, it ought to make a nice opposite-end-of-the-day complement to Snowgrouse's amazing cauliflower cheese recipe, which has become a staple here over the summer.
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Yay for today's guest on The Saturday Kitchen being Colm Meaney (who healthily lists his food heaven as mushrooms and his food hell as pies and pastries)
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New kitchen flooring has arrived...

As has large box of spices and sauces from the Asian Cookshop, much cheaper than you'd get in supermarkets...
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Some Morrisons guy on The Great British Budget Menu just said "there's no such thing as bad food." Um, bullshit. There's high-carb, high-cholesterol, hydrogenated shit that promotes clogged arteries, heart disease, insulin fuckery, you name it...

I mention this as someone who got to 12st from about 13 by going low-carb (though who seems to be 12 and a quarter today, following a week or so of full-sugar Coke, following from a huge lot of rice at that Gurkha dinner.... Which is still well within the "ideal" range for my height and age and stuff, but, you know, 12 is a nice round number in a way that 12 and a quarter isn't)
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if you're making curry and drinking Jack Daniels, do the curry *before* getting through half the bottle of of JD, not the other way round.
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I finally managed to eat some slices of reindeer, which tasted like gamier salami, but without the fat, cos it's just gorgeous lean flesh... So that's another ambition fulfilled!
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What the fuck is up with every fucking recipe on the BBC's food shows these days having to include spinach? The Saturday Kitchen, the Hairy Bikers, even Paul Hollywood's show about *bread*! Why do you need spinach in fucking bread? Does the Director General own a fucking spinach farm or something?


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