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Well, that was better than I expected from the trailer. Good fun, filled with geeky if somewhat obvious comic books references (I especially liked the moment where Grant did the one-finger Christopher Reeve glasses-push. A tiny irrelevance I know, but I reacted immediately). Capaldi was on top form, and Nardole was... er, OK, actually. I quite liked him in this, a lot more than I did last year. There's hope for him in season 10, then. It was funny, and entertaining. I like that they acknowledged within it that the Doctor has been away - i.e. that there's been a year without a season - though I'm not sure that tying it so much to last year's special will have made much of an impression on the casual viewers, who won't remember it and will think those bits were padding. Though Lesley immediately went "that's you! That's you at Yule Ball!" in the last bit.

So, overall... Not a really *special* Special, but a fucking good season premiere episode, if you see what I mean - just a shame we have to wait till April (AIUI) for the second episode... I suspect that will work even better next year if the season 10 DVD set includes this as the first episode.
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Don't get me wrong, I did love the last five minutes of last last night's DW, but the more I think about about everything before the Matt Smith farewell in the TARDIS, the more problems I have with it.

The direction was calculated to provide cool-looking individual shots to pick from for the trailer, rather than to carry a narrative. The editing wasn't up to it either.

I still think, overall, were given a shopping list of things originally intended for an arc. Look at some of the things that would have been so cool if they were given an episode- wooden Cybermen! The Doctor being allied with the Silents as they turned out to be the good guys after all - fuck me, that would have made a hell of an episode. But no, we get them all as throwaway lines in narration.

And what's with the town of Christmas? Why? If it had been a former theme park colony like the planet in Nightmare In Silver I could see that, but it was just... there because the brief says the Xmas episode has to be stuffed with irrelevant Xmas trappings.

The holographic clothes? What was the point other than padding? Yeah they got a couple of good gags out of it, but it still outlived its purpose.

Worst of all- why Trenzalore and all that, when that whole arc was meant to lead to the 50th... and did. I mean, that arc was all covered *in the previous two fucking episodes* - why go over it again, only worse?

Oh, which reminds me, of all the episodes you need to be accessible to the casual viewers, it's the Xmas one. This fails on that score.

The DW year as a whole has been like a magnificent charge along a rugby or American Football field, unstoppably great from season 7 all the way to the 50th anniversary special, and then tripping over its own shoelaces at the goal-line and the ball flying off into the crowd.

Actually, you know what the whole Xmas episode felt like - apart from the regeneration scene - ? That really stupid bit of wooly thinking in Tomorrow Never Dies when Bond's car has a cable cutter on an extending badge which could only possibly cut a cable if someone put one at exactly the height of the cutter, which they do.

I know, people are going to complain "oh, sour grapes or something" - but no, I've defended and praised Moffat's handling of the show most of the time, and am happy with most of his episodes, but if I'm gonna say "that episode was great because of..." then it's only fair that I should say the opposite when he fucks it up.

And everybody fucks up sometime, everybody has an off-day; there's no real shame in that. It's just that... if you fuck it up in the middle of a season, it's easier for the audience to accept cos it'll be better next week. But when you fuck it up and the end of the year, when there's no new episodes for nine months... The audience aren't going to be so sanguine about it. Well, not this audience here, anyway... And is such a shame after all the good stuff we've had this year in DW.
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Well that was... a bit of a mess. There have been worse episodes, but I'd say it was probably the worst regeneration since Time And The Rani, which is shocking considering how good Day Of The Doctor was.

Basically, the real problem with it is that it was a shopping list of elements for a story arc that would have made a good arc for a season, devoting an episode to each bit or element, but which totally fucking didn't work as a single hour.

Lesley being pissed and moaning "this is awful" all fucking through it didn't help, so I may be underrating on the ground of being well sick that, but really it was a structural mess. Oh, yeah and way too much plot exposition via narration. And was the Papal mainframe meant to be someone we know - a different incarnation of River or something?

Oh, yeah, and too many retcons of even stuff from Eleven's own era - what the Silents are, for example. The "Doctor Who?" gag has been done too many times, the nature of the Silents changes again...

Oh, I also seriously wonder how much was shot but cut from the episode - It really felt that we getting just parts of scenes a lot of the time, and I *know* they had the Doctor's leg getting petrified by an Angel but we never saw that...

Still, it's Xmas, there's supposed to be a turkey...
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If you can't wait till tonight for Time Of The Doctor, perhaps this will tide you over.

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I see the regeneration from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi was filmed today...
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If you like Dr Who spoilers there's a good one for the Xmas Special here:


And yes, I've used Google shortener to change the URL because the spoiler was included as part of the original URL, which is for an item at doctorwhotv.co.uk

Of course the presence doesn't mean being a main thing in the episode.


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