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Well, that was better than I expected from the trailer. Good fun, filled with geeky if somewhat obvious comic books references (I especially liked the moment where Grant did the one-finger Christopher Reeve glasses-push. A tiny irrelevance I know, but I reacted immediately). Capaldi was on top form, and Nardole was... er, OK, actually. I quite liked him in this, a lot more than I did last year. There's hope for him in season 10, then. It was funny, and entertaining. I like that they acknowledged within it that the Doctor has been away - i.e. that there's been a year without a season - though I'm not sure that tying it so much to last year's special will have made much of an impression on the casual viewers, who won't remember it and will think those bits were padding. Though Lesley immediately went "that's you! That's you at Yule Ball!" in the last bit.

So, overall... Not a really *special* Special, but a fucking good season premiere episode, if you see what I mean - just a shame we have to wait till April (AIUI) for the second episode... I suspect that will work even better next year if the season 10 DVD set includes this as the first episode.
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Music Monday - how much do I love this track? It's the Breaking The Wall music from Heaven Sent, and used on the menu screen for the DVDs and Blu-Rays, and is the most evidence that we need a series 9 soundtrack asap.

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Moffat quits Dr Who, There's no series this year, just a Xmas specia, with Moffat's final series airing in 2017l, and Chris Chibnall takes over for Series 11, in 2018.

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Which is tomorrow, so I feel a one-per-Doctor binge coming on, and have started this evening with The Web Planet. Not a favourite, but ambitious, works better once you get the subtext, and I haven't seen it in a few years...
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Heads up, Dr Who fans - You know how Roger Delgado was killed in a car crash “while filming a movie in Turkey, called the Bell Of Tibet”? Well, actually, it wasn’t a movie. He was guest starring in an episode of a French TV series by that name, *and* he’d actually finished shooting. And here it is - Delgado’s last performance.

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Latest recreational read (i.e. not for working reasons) was Autonomy by Daniel Blythe - a nice spot of Dr Who fun for the anniversary. Not sure what to go for next...
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Since they've kept the same musical theme for the Cybermen, I sincerely hope we'll hear some of this on Saturday... (And I'm pretty sure they did actually use a bit of that wobbling sounding melody, without the four-knocks, in Dark Water...)

Or, indeed, this version:


Oct. 18th, 2014 09:25 pm
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was good- very Sapphire & Steel with a dash of, er, Star Trek Voyager (only good)...
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Day 4- Favourite TV villain. Is it Professor Moriarty? Dick Dastardly? Gul Dukat? CSM? Bester?

Is it fuck... you don't need the world's greatest detective to figure this one out!

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Weakest episode so far, albeit addressing stuff that needed to be addressed.

The good- Capaldi was fantastic (his scene with the kid is so me), Jenna good, Sam good, lots of funny lines, addresses stuff that needs to be addressed for the character arcs.

The bad- The "Doctor tries to fit in with a normal human job/life" has become an annual cliche, the amazingly bad robot is the worst creature since the Absorbaloff, and what is with Twelve being so against maths-teaching soldiers. Doesn't he remember this bloke with the moustache...?


Sep. 14th, 2014 03:29 pm
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So... Hm, mixed bag. Mostly fantastic, I have to say.

The Great- very creepy; good knockoff of the climax of Whistle And I'll Come to you; I liked that there essentially wasn't actually a monster in it; loved that it's just the Doctor trying to test a theory he's had; nice use of Moffat's trademark "pick something obvious and everyday and make it scary for the kids"; good lines; Capaldi was great; the Clara/Danny stuff worked well in context with the rest of the season so far (and better than I expected from the script); I still like Danny; there's clearly a solid character arc running here, and it's working well.

The irrelevant, but thoughts I had anyway- half expected to see Vashta Nerada or Silents. Don't mind at all that we didn't. Clara on and under beds works for me. As does Clara admiring her own time-shifted arse.

The dodgy issues- If there's nothing outside the spaceship at the end of the universe except void and darkness then how the fuck come there's a big-ass desert planet and setting red giant star out of the window? Also the makeup on Oliver was a bit iffy, and, let's be honest, Moffat's trademark is veering close to drifting into being his cliche. But it still works, so, fuck it. Then there's fact that Clara has inadvertently created her by perfect boyfriend by messing with his timeline...

The fuck off- Yeah, that bit at the end where Clara is responsible for the Doctor being the Doctor. Again, only further back. It's a insult to all the other creators, to say "no, my girl is the most important character ever, and the entire history of the show is down to her, and not in fact to the main character." Repeatedly. That said, it's actually done pretty well, and if viewed as totally standalone for new viewers it works in the context of the story. If Nu Who was a total reboot (like JJ Abrams's Star Trek) it'd work perfectly fine. But in the context of a long-running show, it smacks of arrogant self-importance. And, between those two extremes, I'm not sure whether to hate it or admire how it can work. Like the Blitzkrieg, it's probably both...

The get-out clause- How did she get to time-locked, out of the universe, Gallifrey anyway? This could be a niggle, but it strikes me that there's another interpretation (unless the soldier Dan toy reappears among the Doctor's belongings somewhere) : Clara's fingers were plugged into the fleshlights - er, I mean TARDIS's telepathic circuits, right? What if the TARDIS went not to ancient Gallifrey, but the Doctor's mind/subconscious memory?

This also makes me wonder if Missy is therefore Clara's subconscious, become part of the TARDIS... Clara started as a nanny, after all, and Missy is an evil Mary Poppins... (and, again, created the perfect boyfriend by messing with his timeline, at least conceptually or in their perceptions. I'm rambling, I know...)
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I'll tell you something about tonight's DW, censored or otherwise - there are so many gags and refs that it definitely bears repeated viewing! You'll never catch them all in one go.
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Between the murders of two journalists by IS, and the murder in London of an 82 year old woman by a psycho, the BBC have taken a chopper to this week's episode.


So, the leaked download version it is for me, then.
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Realised I haven't commented on Into The Dalek yet. Interesting episode - not an original bone in its body (it's a knockoff of Dalek, The Invisible Enemy - DW's original Fantastic Voyage knockoff - and bits of the NSA Prisoner Of The Daleks), but was done so well, and was such a necessary *type* of episode to make or break the new Doctor in the viewers' eyes. And Capaldi nailed it, of course.

It had problems (who are the rebels rebelling against? The Daleks? Humans have always been their enemies. WTF did anybody think would happen when you fix a broken Dalek? The "you would be/are a good Dalek" riff repeated from 2005.) but overall was pretty good. Moral dilemmas, snark, Daleks exterminating people, nods to the past, Tyres from Spaced, more snark.

I like this, I like this Doctor - he's more like me than any of them. He's sort of like what Sixie *should* have been like on TV. The only problem I have him is his lasting antipathy towards soldiers on principle, which really seems to be a hangover from Ten. It just doesn't fit the Doc who has such a long history with UNIT, and who was so recently so upset at hearing of the Brig's death in TWORS. Obviously the thing with Danny Pink having been a soldier is meant to give Clara the opposite view, so I guess there'll be a tension about this. Let's hope it brings the Doctor back to his senses on that one.

Speaking of Danny, I was surprised to really like him. I thought the actor did really well with his response to the questions about whether he'd killed any noncombatants. Not so sure about his chemistry with Clara yet. First time I watched it, I hated the way they'd shoehorned his scenes in, but on second viewing I didn't mind.

Anyway, yeah, loved it. Especially SnarkyDoc.
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Well, that was fun. Capaldi works for me, but then I'm biased cos I always liked him in stuff. Who'd have thought they'd have made a Doctor that's even *more* like me than any of the others?
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As I've mentioned before, the Horror Channel in the UK have been doing a lot of Dr Who recently, and now they've done this...

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I find myself not caring much about the leaked Dr Who scripts. Note that I don't mean I don't care for them, but that what I actually want out of Dr Who is the performances. Which you don't get in a script.

If it was a video of the episodes that had leaked to Youtube or something, damn right I'd have watched them, cos I want to see how Capaldi plays it, and I want to see how the various guest stars play it, and so on.

But you don't get that in the script, so I haven't bothered reading them. (except part of one where I wanted to check whether something somebody else had said elsewhere was true).

And it's not cos I care about spoilers, maybe I'm just weird- but then again, I still haven't got round to reading the legit RTD scripts for season 4 that the BBC put up on their writer's room page a couple of years ago - just don't have the time or inclination.

And that's before Her Mogjesty going missing yesterday, which doesn't really make me any more keen to bother with trivia - especially since it won't show the visuals or the performances, which are what I'm keen to see.
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Was going to watch Get Shorty, and posted the trailer and everything, but then the cunting disk locked up halfway through, and is fucked - I'll have to get another one.

This pisses me off cos I love that movie.

So now it's too fucking late to put on much of a long movie, so I'm watching Horns Of Nimon, and first time in my life not fucking enjoying it, cos it's not the fucking thing I wanted to be watching tonight.

And now Lesley's all "i'm tired so we have to go to bed after this one episode" so I won't even get to see all of fucking Nimon. Some Saturday night...


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