Jan. 8th, 2014 07:43 pm
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That annoying thing where you think "I might be in the mood for some Conrad Veidt, purely for the research, but the one I want to watch - Above Suspicion, sadly his last movie, but Rathbone is in it, and it's a re-team with Joan Crawford - is one I haven't got, so I'll end up not bothering..."

Why do I bother?
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So, we’re starting to get some art done for A Study In Steampunk (whether this will appear in the book or just in publicity I’m not sure), such as this take on one of the Connie photo portraits I sent along as references. So this one’s done by the publisher himself, Adrian Middleton.

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Nicked from Diane Duane (

"Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, submitted, in progress, for your cat — whatever."

Righty-ho, then...

“It determines whether blood found on clothing or weapons, or even on floors or walls, was shed while the victim was aboard an airborne aerostat. It can also tell whether a body found on the ground fell, or was dropped, from an aerostat. It is as I said, a matter of the haemoglobin. At high altitudes, aboard aerostats, the affinity of the haemoglobin for oxygen is reduced, allowing for oxygen bound with haemoglobin to be more available to the tissues. With this test, we can see whether the haemoglobin and oxygen are so bound in shed blood, or in a corpse, of course.” His eyes fairly glittered as he spoke, and he put his hand over his heart and bowed as if to some applauding crowd conjured up by his imagination.

- A Study In Steampunk
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The last thing out of the mother-in-law's old house - the new owners move in on Monday - is a set of big leather-bound medical encyclopaedia which I'd been jokingly referring to as Dr Frankenstein's medical books. Having got 'em now, I find they're filled with the best advice that 1906 could offer, and also include such surprisingly non-medical chapters as photographic plates on "bed gymnastics" (not as exciting as they sound) and jiu-jitsu joint locks... So these are definitely Dr *Watson's* books, rather than Dr Frankenstein's...

I guarantee Conan-Doyle had a set of these, since they're from Edinburgh in 1906... Not a bad acquisition for a person writing some Sherlock Holmes.
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Research is important- here is Netley, the Victorian Military Hospital where Dr Watson was trained as an army surgeon. The chapel in the the third picture is pretty much all that remains of it, after it was demolished in the 1960s.

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So much for the "visit the Army's medical museum for Dr Watson research" plan - it turns out to be the only fucking museum in the country that is shut on saturdays. (it's shut on sundays as well, but that's less rare, but by tomorrow evening I shall be in Nottingham...)
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Off to the army's medical museum today, which should be hand for Dr Watson stuff..
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Conrad Veidt sings-‘When the Lighthouse Shines Across the Bay’1933 (by allanh53)


Holy shit. Apparently, Terry Wogan made a minor hit out of this in 1981, by playing it regularly on his show…

Well, Holmes plays the violin, but Connie sings…

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I've posted before about casting, as it were, Conrad Veidt as Holmes in A Study In Steampunk, but what of Claude Rains as Watson?

Well, he's pretty Watson-ish in Mr Skeffington:

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Oh, come, on, he’s got the pose and look and everything… And you could put that moustache on Claude Rains, no problem!


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