Sep. 1st, 2014 03:11 pm
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Well that's odd, the squished Lada at the end of the first episode of James May's Cars Of The People has freaked me out somewhat... Which is a surprise, cos I normally love that kind of stuff. Must have been some kind of specific angle or fold or something that calls back a dozen years...

Um this might be what they call PTSD or a flashback or something. I dunno. I still feel so weird and teary and breathless and shaky. What the actual fuck?
I mean it wasn't even the same fucking colour.

Dumb cops

Mar. 18th, 2014 12:53 pm
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Apparently, I and lots of people here would be too smart to work for US police departments.

No wonder they always need private eyes and brainy amateurs to solve their cases for them.
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Remind me, is this the same UK government that’s into shutting down lapdancing clubs, criminalising the buying of sex, censoring “porn” on the internet, and combating the sexualisation of young girls? Cos, y’know, maybe they should pick one side of the argument or the other and stick to that?

Maybe they want a monopoly - what could possibly go wrong?
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Just saw the RSPB's Big Bird Watch ad.

Wait, WTF are the RSPB thinking? That cat is identical to our Cleo, and let's just say she's not very bird-friendly. (In her first summer with us, she offed at least a dozen a month)

Yeah, that has the 2013 dates, but they have re-used the same ad this year - I saw it on GOLD during a Blackadder repeat today, which is why I went looking for the online version to post.
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According to a couple of NHS pros I know, what we have here is ulnar nerve entrapment either caused by, or simply associated with a coincidental instance of, golfer's elbow. Even though I don't play golf.

Put it down to swords and whips, then...

Why does this never happen to Zorro?
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Looking at this, it's probably the median nerve got caught or twisted, but not carpal tunnel itself...

Several people have suggested golfer/tennis elbow too. Can you get that from typing or using a 360's controller?
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is happening to my elbow and wrist? Trapped nerve of something between the inner point of the elbow to the outer point of the wrist - bloody hurts and now I'm typing two-fingered and left handed..
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What the actual fuck? - come and have a go if you think you're hard enough. I've got all the HP books and films, and must therefore be a devil incarnate...

I have the urge to put on the Spike gear...
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Why is it that so many Ask box memes on Tumblr use “like” instead of love/desire/fancy etc? I saw one today that actually had “have you ever liked one of your best friends?” Is that just fucking stupid, or am I too fucking old for Tumblr?

That’s a rhetorical question. The answer is I’m too “from the UK, where we have proper English” for Tumblr…


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