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Dear Ubisoft: Have you heard of Tomb Raider?

In fact, fuck that, how about Dear Ubisoft: Have you heard of Assassin's Creed Liberation? Y'know, the AC spinoff portable game with a female character? Which apparently is too hard to do in a main game?

You could have it both ways, of course, if you made the character customizable, a la Saints Row, or even just with two options like Mass Effect....
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Oh, yeah, what I do want from Assassin's Creed 5, regardless of setting:

A main character with customisable race/gender, or, at the very least, a playable female Assassin character. Aside from being a good idea generally, they need to make up for the genderfail-snatched-from-the-jaws-of-victory in Brotherhood... *

*- i.e. the thing whereby it was possible to create a mixed or even completely female Assassin Guild, but in which the cutscenes for a mission involving them all showed them all as male.
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I'm actually enjoying Assassin's Creed 3 more than I expected, given the reception it got overall...

Wonder what this year's game will be - it's supposed to be announced in the coming week. I must be about the only person who *doesn't* want it to be a Japanese/Samurai/Ninja game, basically cos then it just be Tenchu Z redux.

I'd really like to see 19th Century London - and maybe Paris too, for the Eiffel Tower. Victorian London has both Spring-Heel Jack and Jack The Ripper going for it...
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Back in the 80s there was a thought that memories were passed along in RNA…

But really I’m posting this link as an excuse to say: I can has Animus nao pls? Cos it strikes me that this is so like the background to Assassin’s Creed’s ancestor memories thing that I almost wonder if it’s viral marketing - I bet there’s secret messages from Abstergo industries in that paper…

Didn't fic

Nov. 24th, 2013 02:04 pm
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I did think, earlier in the year and inspired by ficcing friends and the fic-heavy programmes at Redemption and Nine Worlds, of doing a DW fic and posting it anonymously or pseudonymously somewhere for the anniversary...

But there wasn't the spare time, so I haven't.

Still, technically the 50th anniversary year *started* yesterday, not ended, so maybe I will later.

For now Lesley's doing the ficcing, on Da Vinci's Demons, which I don't think I could do, either paid or unpaid, simply because I wouldn't be able to not have Ezio in it (though in a fic that crossover would be OK) and also because I couldn't not do Pope Sixtus as Bishop Len Brennan from Father Ted. I keep expecting him, in the show, to bellow "CRILLY!" when he's been fucked up...
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This is a cool as fuck idea from FFutures on LJ - would make a good historical fic, or a crossover with Da Vinci’s Demons, CBBC’s Leonardo, Voyager, or Assassin’s Creed...
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OK, it's a weeping angel from 16th century Italy. If had the time to fic, I'd so be doing Ezio Auditore da Firenze vs the Weeping Angels...


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