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Dear Ubisoft: Have you heard of Tomb Raider?

In fact, fuck that, how about Dear Ubisoft: Have you heard of Assassin's Creed Liberation? Y'know, the AC spinoff portable game with a female character? Which apparently is too hard to do in a main game?

You could have it both ways, of course, if you made the character customizable, a la Saints Row, or even just with two options like Mass Effect....
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"Don't you hear it? The drumming. The call to war..."

I'm not just quoting DW - it's time to get back into the war against rape culture, against mras, against the patriarchy, against that minority who keep all genders downtrodden, against the disease with which they've infected mens' minds.


May. 29th, 2014 11:21 pm
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Also, if you're transphobic you can fuck off too, especially if you're a guy, because, and here's a mindfuck for you - you're trans too. Seriously. Human embryos are all female for the first nine weeks. Then weird X Men type mutation happens...
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Yeah, I'll be posting some thoughts about the current ‪#‎yesallwomen‬ and MRA rumblings of the past week fairly soon, but to start with, I should probably say that if you do self-identify with the so-called Men's Rights Movement or whatever, then, you know... defriend me, unfollow me, and generally get the hell out of Dodge.

If you don't identify with that bunch of loons, but are prone to wondering why there's this upsurge in feminists complaining, and are prone to protesting that "not all men are like that" then you can stay for now, but pin your ears back- it's time for some education.

Meanwhile, Chuck Wendig has it right as usual:



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Most of the comments are the usual misogynistic crap, but I agree with the one person who said "more dinosaur toys for everyone!", cos *everybpdy* loves dinosaurs.

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Now that the UK has had the regular premiere of Game of Thrones season 4, let's hear it for Arya Stark, who is a far better role model for daughters than, well, any of that pink stuff.

Which reminds me, what the fuck is up with the Kinder easter egg ad? The boys get Batman in blue, while the girls get... fuck knows what it is, but it's pink, of course. What's the point of this?

Aside from the gender stereotyping that makes my blood boil every time I see this ad, I do have to wonder why the girls can't have Batgirl in blue, Catwoman in blue/grey, etc... After all, if they've paid for a license anyhow...

Or, you know, they could have just put in their regular company livery for all. But there is definitely an *increase* in this sort of shit, when you'd think that the also-increasing awareness of and opposition to it would reduce it...
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I find myself in two minds on stuff like this ousted Mozilla CEO.

On the one hand: homophobic douchebag gets comeuppance = good.

OTOH, person loses job after 11 days because of something they did *six years earlier* and an opinion in their private life = not so good.

If an ordinary shop worker was ousted like that, the unions would be up in arms…
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Fantastic article which covers more than the obvious - getting into how the relatively recent upsurge in gender segregation in marketing is not about "preserving natural tendencies" or any such bullshit- it's all, as I've said before, about programming folks to buy twice as much stuff.

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Just saw the UK government's new "having with someone who says no is rape" ad, and... What the actual fuck? I ask this not of the message, obviously, but of the nature of the ad, which I suspect is going the trigger the living shits out of every survivor of a sexual assault who sees it.

So, um, yeah, just saying this as a heads-up for those who are likely to find it trigger-worthy.

And obviously I'm not going to link to it despite the obviously good message - but I do want to warn UK women that they're likely to get hit with it whether they want to see it or not.
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Remind me, is this the same UK government that’s into shutting down lapdancing clubs, criminalising the buying of sex, censoring “porn” on the internet, and combating the sexualisation of young girls? Cos, y’know, maybe they should pick one side of the argument or the other and stick to that?

Maybe they want a monopoly - what could possibly go wrong?
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Here we have … everything that’s fucking wrong with lies in advertising… But conveniently displayed for comparison with a less ludicrously shopped image of the same person from a more sensibly marketed movie…

I mean, where the fuck did those orang-utang length arms come from in the Winter Soldier pic, or the waist and jaw being the same width? WTF?

It doesn't even look like the same person - for a minute I had wondered if they'd photoshopped the hell out of Uma Thurman instead...
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Very important piece for anyone who still doesn’t see how the British public is being programmed, or who doesn’t get how insidious the patriarchy’s role is when pretending to take the feminist side in the matter of free speech…
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All mind-boggling misogyny from - mostly - the usual rich white guys trying to control women’s bodies. And, more unusually, one woman who must be seriously fucking delusional… (She thinks that women who get pregnant from rape and have their rapist’s baby aborted should be jailed for, wait for it, “tampering with evidence.”)

What the actual fuck?
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An update with proper facts on that "forced caesarean" case from the other day. Which turns out to be somewhat less evil, ish.

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Gal Gadot will play her in Batman Vs Superman.


While it might be good that WW gets in a movie at last, it's not her own movie, they haven't cast someone likely able to carry her own movie, and the casting of a stick-thin supermodel type doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that it'll be anything other than tokenist wank-fodder for dudebros...


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