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I got the John Hurt one today, and my mother-in-law got the Jon Pertwee one. I'm not obsessive enough to get them all, especially when the Tom one is so crap.
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And I'll try to do it daily for this week leading to the anniversary...



November 11: Eleven Eleven!

Yeah, Eleven is good, I'll miss him.

November 12: What are your hopes for Twelve?

Malcolm Tucker in time and space. Which won't happen, but it would be glorious...

November 13: What do you think is the weirdest thing the Doctor keeps in his bigger-on-the-inside pockets?

The Batmobile. No seriously, he has one in Talons...

November 14: What room on the TARDIS would you most like to visit? The library? The karaoke bar?

The library, absolutely. Or the armoury.

November 15: If you could have your memory erased of any episode so you could watch it again like it was new, which episode would it be?

I do want my memory wiped, but not of Dr Who... Um, I dunno, something that had some real twists - Earthshock or Keeper Of Traken, maybe.

November 16: Think of the last movie you saw. Would the main character be a good companion?

Fuck, what *was* the last movie I saw? Oh, Carry On Henry, on TV yesterday. Sid James as Henry VIII... I think not!

November 17: What’s the best piece of DW merch that you own?

Probably the sonics collection...
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October 20: Cosplay time! Dress up as your favorite Doctor but only with things you can find in your closet.

Um, not really possible, as while I do have a McGann type coat and an Ecclestone type jacket, my favourite Doctor is the fourth...

October 21: If you could go anywhere in Time and Space with the Doctor, where would it be?

Easter Saturday this year, and re-try a spot of lifesaving. Failing that, late 17th Century France, where I really want to have some fun with Julie d'Aubigny, aka La Maupin...

October 22: If you were the Doctor, what would your catchphrase be?

"Oh, like *that's* a good idea..."

October 23: Who is your otp?

Two and Jamie, Four and Sarah... And the Doctor/Master obviously. Feuding exes, as I've always said.

October 24: Name someone who you think is secretly from the Whoniverse.

James Bond

October 25: What’s your favorite story arc?

The crack in Nu Who season 5

October 26: Favorite quote or one-liner?

Oh, far too many to quote. "You're a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the brain and the size of the mouth" is always a favourite.

October 27: Who is your favorite historical figure that appeared? Winston Churchill? Vincent van Gogh?

Van Gogh, by a long way, and that's including the classic series.

October 28: Who would win a fight? A Weeping Angel or a Silence?

Impossible to tell without knowing whether the Silents' weapon/ability (like one used on the woman in the bathroom in TIA) would work on an Angel or not.
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Well, it looks like the BBC are about to fuck us with double-dipped alternate versions of the 50th, and especially the TV viewers. There are three different versions! a 76, 80, and 85 minute cut - the latter for the cinema screenings, the other two for home viewing (presumably 80 for Blu-Ray and 76 for us DVD-watching luddites...)

http://bbfc.co.uk/releases/doctor-who-day-doctor-2013 - click on the arrow next to "related items - feature" to see all four versions.

ETA- I've been told that apparently the 85 minute cut has ten minutes of behind-the-scenes, making of kind of stuff attached. So what of the 80?
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Three days of this - http://doctorwho.tumblr.com/post/63123760534/ok-we-are-just-50-days-away-from-the-november - to catch up with.

October 11: Take a photo of something IRL that you think would be from Doctor Who.

OK, I'll come back to this one - there is an object I own which I want to show for this, but I can't find it in the book-and-box moving, so when I find the box it;s in...

October 12: Bow ties, fezzes, or stetsons?


October 13: What’s your favorite Doctor Who-themed youtube video?

The "50 Years of Humanism" one, which went up in July but has sadly been taken down since then. Glad I downloaded it before that...
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Just a reminder that there's a Dr Who Weekend on Watch tomorrow and Sunday, with the BBC America anniversary stuff, and a new "Dr Who Explained" show.
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October 09: Invent a new feature for the Sonic Screwdriver.

Er, is there anything it can't actually do nowadays, apart from open "deadlock seals", in which case the number of options for new functions is pretty much limited to "open deadlock seals"?

Can it mend broken hearts? Let's try for that. I mean in the emotional sense, not in the angioplasty sense, obviously, cos it probably already does the latter as well.
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From here: http://doctorwho.tumblr.com/post/63123760534/ok-we-are-just-50-days-away-from-the-november

October 04: Who was your first Doctor?

Technically Jon Pertwee, cos my absolute earliest memory of the show is an Ice Warrior on Peladon, but I don’t remember seeing the Doctor at the time, or following a story, and I didn’t watch the show.

So the actual answer would be Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor, since the first story I remember seeing all the way through was Genesis Of The Daleks, and I started watching regularly with (i.e. haven’t missed an episode since) The Robots Of Death.

October 05: Who is your favorite Companion?

Sarah Jane Smith, no question. From Nu Who, maybe River if she counts as a companion.
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About fucking time too.

ETA- includes classic serials, on the channel that brings us Grimm! All ones that are out on DVD though - Aztecs, Tomb, Spearhead, Pyramids...
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Back at the start of the year we thought we'd watch/listen to all our Dr Who stuff before the anniversary. Now it's September and we're still halfway through Dalek Masterplan, in the Hartnell era, because of the trickiness of finding timeslots when we're both available and in the mood for DW a the same time...

Oh well.

I guess that plan's abandoned, but the thought occurs that since November 23rd is the anniversary of the show starting, we should probably really do the from-the-start thing *from* then, and just watch whatever the fuck episodes we fancy at the time beforehand...
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Turning TV shows into movies isn't a new phenomenon - back in the 60s, the first two Dr Who Dalek stories were turned into cinema outings...

Here are the trailers

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Comic-con trailer description:


Official publicity pics, cut for spoilers and bigness.

Read more... )
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The Space Museum - somewhat dull, but that's mainly down to Jeremy Bulloch and pals being rubbish, and Richard Shaw being pretty bad. There are some good times to be had though- the first episode sets up a good mystery (also note the Doctor admitting he actually doesn't really *get* the time-wimey part of running a time machine!), and the Doctor gets to be pretty cool in places - even if one of them's off-screen! It's also fun to note that the "what should we do to avoid our future" discussion is repeated practically verbatim in about a hundred Star Trek episodes... But this is the original!
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Catching up with some of this Dr Who from the start stuff - The Crusade's a good one (if unintentionally funny in places, especially if you've read certain Persian-themed fics) - Camfield's direction is great, the script is very respectful to the culture (making a good stab at correct pronunciations for the Arab characters), and Julian Glover and Jean Marsh make immediate great impressions.

One of the early masterpieces, and it's a damn crime that two of the episodes don't exist any more. (And that the CD that came with the VHS version has no linking narration for the visual bits.)
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isn't it?

Face Of The Enemy

(I wish I knew who made that - 'twasn't me)

ETA - oh, wait, I've just spotted the little "littleappletree" tumblr ID at the bottom, so whoever that is, well done!


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