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I’ve been living in a tent in a Welsh castle, historical fencing at the SCA’s annual Raglan Fair, and then doing a couple of panels/workshops at the Nine Worlds Geekfest….
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There's new Blake's 7 Wobblevision up:


This was shot at Eastercon/Satellite 4 this year. I hope you all like the hot babe playing Soolin this time round...
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Lesley and I are preparing to head off to London for tomorrow's Nine Worlds convention press launch thing at the Science Museum - if anyone wants to meet up, feel free, especially cosplayers.

Also, look what showed up this morning!

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That moment when you sigh cos none of the conventions you’re doing this year will let you (or anyone) wear, carry, or use, proper steel…

This is why those who do should sign up for Redemption…
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Meant to say before, that although I've always wanted to do some variant of an Ezio Auditore da Firenze costume for Redemption, having been playing Assassin's Creed Revelations lately, I'm more determined than ever to do either his Brotherhood or Revelations costume for Rd 15 or Nine Worlds, since in Revelations he's meant to be in his 50s - no dressing to a lower age, he's older than me! And I have the beard...

Cos I really fucking regret not having taken any costumes to Nine Worlds this year.
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That was a fun weekend. Getting there was easier than I remember for London/Heathrow based cons – train from Leeds to Kings Cross, Tube to Heathrow, free bus to hotel. Seemples. Stayed at the Radisson, which is far nicer than the Ren.

Lovely big dealer’s room, lots of nice stuff to buy… Plenty of programme streams Sadly I didn’t get to as much of the Geek feminism items as I wanted to – pretty much just the Gender in Gaming one, which was packed out, and the Geeked Magazine one, which unfortunately turned out to be just about the practicalities of starting a magazine, which isn’t something I need.

The panels I did were fun- especially the Dr Who ones. I don’t think I offended anybody, except maybe Adam Christopher on the Villains panel, who was the unfortunate victim of my pre-con decision to make a thing out of Tlotoxl not being a villain if anybody mentioned him…

The con as a whole was very inclusive, following on from the way Redemption is – in fact I don’t think I’ve seen so many trans people at one event, and this inclusiveness is good. It was cool to catch up with lots of people, and the surprise highlight for me was the 100 Years of Hindi Cinema presentation.

For a first convention from newbie conrunners everything went surprisingly well. I have some minor niggles, but mainly a desire to go back again next year and do more stuff – and I have some ideas I intend to suggest to them!
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Well, at the Radisson anyway, the con hasn't started yet... Nice place, they've done it up since I was last here 13 years ago.
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I'll be attending Asylum (the steampunk gathering) for the Saturday, and will be a guest at


at the end of November...
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And in total I'll be speaking on seven panels at Nine Worlds. (Actually, this is, I think, my first time being a convention guest for five years!)
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This is where I'll be at the weekend...


I'm on half a dozen panels, IIRC
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Also before I may disappear for little bit while out and about, I should add that it seems I'll be doing some panels at


Specifically a Trek one, and four Dr Who ones - including the "villains we love to hate" one, for obvious reasons... You can bet the words "feuding exes" will appear if I'm not gagged when the Master is discussed...
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OK, we seem to have ordered our Nine Worlds tickets, by paying someone else to do it... So, anything I can actually get involved with? I mean on panels or talks and stuff, not just sitting in the audience (hey, I've got books to plug). Anybody?


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