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Yeah, there haven't really been any house posts this year- most of the work has been on my mother-in-law's house, making it suitable for her return after post-stroke rehab. Thankfully we had an actual builder do the the conversion of one end of her living room into a wet room (toilet/shower), cos that would have been beyond me.

I must say, its a lovely shower too - much better than ours. So since she's not home yet, I've been using it. Lovely, with a view of trees and fields...

Damn shame its the time of year where I used it half an hour ago and already want to go back again, cos it's clouding over but the air is getting heavy and thick. Is stewed...
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Well, now that spring is being properly nice weather, and the annual gas-boiler inspection is due tomorrow, it's time to revive the DIY and suchlike. Starting with installing a new catflap in the kitchen door, as somebody - either Bel or Lesley, I presume - broke it yesterday while I was out. Also I note that there's nice fresh leaves on the raspberry plants, and have planted some plants out front...
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Spent the afternoon building bookcases, which have such handy instructions as "pilot holes are for guidance only" - translating as "we couldn't be arsed to make sure they actually line up in much of a meaningful way." And i ended up using a simple resin-handled screwdriver throughout, for various reasons, which means I can now expect to end the weekend with forearms like Popeye and callouses like fucking walnuts on my palms...
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Went to dig out the Xmas decorations and can't find the tinsel, or half the baubles... Arse. This is what I get for spending half the year tidying and redecorating.

I did find a white plastic bag containing four still-sealed Twinkies, and I've no idea where they came from or how long they've been there, cos the last time I remember getting any was last Xmas, and I finished that box months ago...

But Twinkies contain no organic or biological material and have a half-life of 5000 years, so I expect I'll still eat them...
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Also, we now have the garden fence replaced - with this trellis type which gales can go through without knocking down. I didn't do this one myself, though; Lesley's mum had booked a proper fence-putter-upper guy before she went into hospital. I will have to weatherproof it, though, but it's too late to do it tonight.

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The webcam’s too crap to show the little pastel square tile pattern on the floor, but those of who’ve visited will note the lack of that appalling mangled coir brush stuff…

Hopefully the completion of re-flooring one room will be enough to satisfy my mother-in-law for this week, and she’ll actually let me fucking write something over the next couple of days before doing the next one in a few days…

Since I’ve got three editors chasing me for their books… I swear I should change my name to Petrocelli… But nobody will remember that show, or why I say that!
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the hall is completely re-floored, hurrah!
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Sealant varnish for floorboards is strong stuff... Ive measured and cut the new boards,lifted lino, all that kind of stuff...

And the varnish is only applied in the first of three rooms that need it. Urg...
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Been a bright morning but getting dull now - still, I got some chips and dents around the doors and windows filled...

Also meant to say the other day that we got some old wooden bookcases in the bedroom replaced with steel and glass ones, which are nicer and cleaner, but would have went together a lot easier if the fucking 5mm screws to hold them together had been included. Luckily I had some.

Of course, having gone for the bare dark wood look on the staircase, and laid nice royal blue carpets on hall and landing to replace the shitty biege ones, my mother in law has started insisting she wants to buy us a stair carpet and installation (because she remembers being unable to afford stair carpet in the 1940s and doesn't seem to get that this is an aesthetic and cleanability choice) and hall carpet because she doesn't like blue. She wants red. Which would clash with everything.

We're gently trying to persuade her that if she wants a red hall carpet she can have one in the house she just moved into, and not in ours!
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New kitchen flooring has arrived...

As has large box of spices and sauces from the Asian Cookshop, much cheaper than you'd get in supermarkets...
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Now this is what I call furniture. With Daleks. And an Airfix Lancaster...

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Despite Lesley promising to defer to me in (re)filling the (new) bookshelves and stuff, she insisted on being allowed to do some herself, and has put all the history books on the shelves more or less randomly, whereas I had them - and wanted to redo them - in chronological order.

So I'll have to spend a day next week swapping them all round!

Is it wrong of me to be bugged by the history books not being in period order?
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So, yeah

Old unit-

New unit-

Bookcase with leaded glass that the ones I wrote now live in-
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Her mogjesty, who was 19 yesterday, is under my chair, dashing about playing with the tassels on a special scratching mat for cast, which is good, and the power cable for this computer, which is not so good...

This is down to her being excited because there was a bit more extensive moving around than I expected- the TV is now in from of the unused gas fire, the couch has moved to under the window, the DVD cabinet which was under the window is now a floor-to-ceiling pair of cabinets where the couch used to be, and the big unit has now been replaced by a bigger and better one with leaded glass doors and stuff.
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Getting the old falling-apart bit wall unit empty, ready for the delivery of the way etter solid one from my mother-in-law's old house, which has an integral drinks cabinet... A couple of other bookcases are also coming to replace existing ones, and I'll take the opportunity to paint the wall while they're swapping.

And a tumble dryer too.


Sep. 4th, 2013 11:21 pm
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So, my mother-in-law is moved in to the house across the road, which means we've got stuff changed in ours as part of the ongoing process- rugs ditched, the first of three new bookcases moved in to replace existing ones with lesser capacity...
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That's the old big table out of the living room, and the busted leather box that used to sit in front of the couch. So there's now a nice low coffee table in front of the couch, and a couple of new bookcases will be coming tomorrow as part of the mother-in-law's moving to the house across the road.

Getting that big fucking table we never used out also means that accessing the carpet for removal (especially considering the stains that are now exposed!), and the walls of the alcove for painting, will be a damn sight easier.

Oh, and a surprise random side effect of Lesley's mum moving is that I've now added to the sword collection with what's now it's oldest member- a 1907-pattern bayonet issued to my great-grandfather-in-law in *1915*... And in fabulous condition too. Must do a picture at some point.
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So, the quest to reboot the TARDIS, er, house, takes a bit of a strange turn as my mother-in-law is selling her house and moving to one across the street from us... Which means instead of working on ours, I'm doing stuff in three! Ours still has stuff to do such as floor and ceiling repairs, and decorating the living room, the house my mother-in-law is selling needs emptied and made pristine for the buyers, and the house she's moving into needs prepped for all the furniture moving...

This also means that there's be some changes in furniture here, as her new house is smaller than the old, so we'll be taking some cabinets and bookcases, and ditching some of the old busted ones we've got... So it all folds into part of the process of refurbishing our place too.

Meanwhile I still can't find the fucking drill that I need to put up the new shelves in the alcove... It has to be either in the spare room or kitchen...
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That's the last kitchen cupboard door - the big one that's a completely different size and shape to the others - re-fronted. Also, while we were away at Nine Worlds our friend was able to take loads of stuff to the tip, clearing the terrace so we can use it for kata etc. Now looking at the ceilings...
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Replaced the curtains with lighter weight shorter ones, deep red with a shinier white backing - this means a) they reflect more sunlight back out on a hot day, b) they're less of an obstacle to a cooling breeze cos they'll just flap aside if the windows are open, c) being shorter means they don't get between the room and the radiators if there's a sudden cold day. Of course we'll swap back to the heavier curtains for insulation in the winter if needed (the trade-off being that they're long enough to block heat from the radiators).

Also, more re-flooring and re-carpeting, with the landing now carpeted in a nice dark blue. For those who've been following this stuff about the house, the landing and the half of the hall at the foot of the stairs are the only places getting re-carpeted instead of vinyl flooring, as, while I want nice wipeable/sweepable vinyl in kitchen/living room/bathroom/entrance, I don't want potential slippiness at the top of the stairs, for obvious safety reasons.


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