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The last three

November 20: How do you think the Eleventh Doctor will regenerate?

Standing up

November 21: What do you think will happen during the DW50th?

The usual- catchphrases, the Docs slagging off each other's fashion sense, Daleks, and the revelation that Smith is the last incarnation supposedly possible.

November 22: Doctor Who?

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So, is he winding us up or what?

Of course they were all in The Name Of The Doctor... Sort of. I'm basically guessing a voice performance.
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From http://doctorwho.tumblr.com/post/63123760534/ok-we-are-just-50-days-away-from-the-november

October 29: Which Doctor had the best costume?

Four, especially in the grey season 13 coat, or the brown season 14 one.

October 30: Who is your favorite monster/villain?

As a race/species, the Daleks. Individually, the Master.

October 31: WHOlloween!!!!!

Er, what?

November 01: Mods are asleep! Anything goes!

Leela porn! Doctor/Master slash! Would two Romanas together really be cheating or just masturbation?

November 02: If you could write an episode, what would it be about?

About fifty grand, I think...

November 03: Who’s been your favorite guest star?

Oh, I can't narrow that down to one- John Ringham as Tlotoxl, Beatrice Lehman as Amelia Rumford, Tony Curran as Van Gogh, lots of others. Alex Kingston as River, obviously...

November 04: Which characters would make up your ideal Team TARDIS?

Four, Sarah, the Brigadier, River.

November 05: If you were a Dalek what would you be called?

Bad Motherfucker

November 06: Post the best Who gif you’ve ever seen (give credit to whoever made it.)

Oh, that I'd have to think about.

November 07: Which TARDIS had the best interior (desktop theme)?

The original.

November 08: Which character do you wish you could meet IRL and why?

River, Sarah or Leela, and and I couldn't say why in a family-friendly blog.

November 09: Plot twist: name a time you totally didn’t see that coming.

the Master in Keeper Of Traken
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Having basically given up on the "from the start" Dr Who plan, we're now watching City Of Death instead of listening to episode 6 of Dalek Masterplan...

If City of Death was made today instead of in 1979, Scarlioni would have to be not an art collector but a media mogul who creates all those fucking Ancient Alien Astronaut shows...
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That Tennant and Piper will be back for the anniversary show.

Big fucking deal. The previous Doctor and a companion so many of us are utterly sick of by now (albeit I can understand why she's back - she is the first companion of Nu Who, so is an important figure for the current series/fans)

John Hurt as guest star is more interesting news.
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Set in 1920s Paris, and featuring a certain Anais Nin, had ever actually been published, which Doctor and companion (if any) should it have had?

Just out of curiosity...
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This is a very rough cut and paste, but that's cos it's been a long writing day and my eyes are getting sticky.

So, yeah, I'd been thinking, to celebrate DW's 50th, of doing a set of Doctors, genderswapped to classic monochrome-era movie actresses. Yeah. So here's a quick suggested #1 - Margaret Hamilton, better known to audiences as the Wicked Witch Of The West, in The Wizard Of Oz.

And there are some treats in store later...


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