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Damn, the bathroom's all sparkly white now! Walls and ceiling painted, shower door remounted and fully operational (ye gods the shower feels good now), porcelain all polished (even the inside of the cistern and inside of the sink's central pillar/mount, which nobody will ever see, cos I'm being pretty fucking thorough about this.)

(Pro-tip, use window cleaner spray on porcelain - porcelain is a glass enamel fused to a metal base, so glass cleaner is best)

Tomorrow I'll give it a third coat if necessary, and also mount the chrome corner-basket for bottles, maybe a shelf or two,repaint the radiator, put on some new sealant around the bath, and strip the gloss paint off the skirting boards and door-jambs. Those fuckers are going to be mahogany-stained.

Then it'll be a matter of touching up a few detail parts - taps, window edging, that kind of thing - and, maybe on Sunday, doing the re-flooring. Cos, like, I wasn't going to put down the new wood-effect vinyl tiles *before* the risk of paint drips! Let the old crap catch them!

Oh, other pro-tip, when painting the bathroom, especially with emulsion, don't worry about getting it on tiles or sink- wipe it off immediately if you spot it,as it happens, but if it's gone tacky, then trying to wash it off will smear it, so let it dry, then simply use the Swiss Army Knife to remove it. Which it will, very easily and with no mess or damage.

And while I'm here, last pro-tip: of the emulsions, use silk in bathroom and kitchen. It's longer lasting, and, more importantly, doesn't get fucked up by condensation.
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One unexpected angst of clearing some stuff out is when it comes to books, and you know half the authors personally, so you're going "but I can't charity-shop *him/her* - what if they find out?!"

Anyway, the bathroom, with sugar-soap to prep the walls for paint.
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Didn't want to not get any of the house stuff done today, because doing this reboot *does* mean a hell of a lot to me. So...

Used the Swiss Army Knife to remove old paint spatter from the bathroom sink - worked perfectly fine, so the sink is now pearly white (I didn't think to take "before" pictures of the sink close-up for comparison, so there's not much point there, but I'll be able to put up before and after pictures of the room as a whole in the coming week.)

Have also disassembled the shower door thing and remounted the vertical beam that it hangs from on the wall. Once I've repainted the room (Tuesday) then I'll reattach the door to its mount, since I'll be painting that mounting-beam as well.

In the garden (I hope nobody will mind me mentioning gardening in the house post, since there's an obvious logical connection), we've planted some leeks and turnips, as well as catmint and burgamot and... other stuff that Lesley and Anne know what it is. Green stuff.

I also built up one of those wooden wheelbarrow things for her to plant stuff in, though I'm hoping she'll let me weatherseal it first.
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Actually I've taken a lot of "before" pictures with the phone but have yet to find the cable to connect it (and while typing this have just realised I should look to see if this machine has an SD card slot that I could just use...)

But until then, here's a picture I already had of Cleo on the old stair carpet:

And a picture taken with the netbook webcam of the new woodstained stairs.

In a week's time, those walls will be buttermilk coloured, and the handrail stripped back to the wood and stained the same as the stairs, by the way. And there will be further pictures.
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Won't be much of a house post today - I'm taking a couple of bags to the charity shops, but mainly waiting for my dad to bring some necessary DIY supplies tomorrow, such as the paint-stripping heat gun thing.

And I *do* have actual writing to do as well.

I will say, mind you, that I'm not using the time to swap out the flooring/carpeting in the kitchen and bathroom, cos it'd be stupid to put down new stuff *before* doing the painting - let the shitty old stuff get dripped on before removal...
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OK, so, new toilet seat and lid installed (and gave the porcelain a go with the antibacterial bug-killing detergent while I was at it.)

New chromed shower hose and head installed too, but I can't get the bastard not to leak out of the back of the handheld head no matter what arrangement of gaskets and washers I mess around with. This happened with the previous unit too, which caused it to rust most unattractively.

A search on the internet, however, brings up the suggestion that one really needs teflon tape to make a proper seal with these things, so I shall see if I can get some tomorrow. While wishing evil on the manufacturers and retailers of handheld showers, who don't fucking bother to mention this.

Meanwhile, Lesley has sorted out another three bags of clothes for charity shops (in addition to the three this morning, for a total of six.)

My dad's bringing cutting bench and some appropriate tools for slicing up the chipboard for the floor on wednesday, so I'll be able to make those repairs at the back end of the week.

The stairs have been sanded - and by this I mean with glass paper and a sanding block, since I don't have a power sander, so it's on the knees and be a bit of a scrubber for this one - and are ready for their mahogany staining in the morning.

This means I got a bit covered in sawdust, and- oh, you know what, for those of you about to embark on DIY soon, I'm gonna throw you some personal grooming/cleaning yourself afterwards advice, cos, y'know, it's a messy business. Even when you're doing it to get tidy!

There'll be some about getting paint off later, but for today, the comedic but surprisingly effective way to get sawdust, old dry paint flecks, pieces of plaster crumble, etc out of your hair. (This also, and yeah, I'm speaking from experience, cos, come on we all get it occasionally, works for dandruff or flaky scalp or whatever. And it's unexpected: Go the pet store or pet aisle of the supermarket, and get yourself - wait for it - a flea comb. Yeah, even though you don't have fleas. See, the fine sawdust and bits of whatever are small enough that a regular comb won't catch them, and water will likely stick them to your hair (especially if it's thick) rather than washing it out without several repeat goes.

So, the secret is this - comb with a pet store flea comb *before* showering. That'll bring everything you've picked up from the rubble - er, work site - to the ends of the hair, if not just wipeable from the comb itself, and then just shower as normal- job done.

(And, yeah, like I said, this works for non-DIY related stuff like dandruff or psoriasis too, as a bonus)

Anyway, enough house stuff for today - tomorrow, it's mahogany woodstaining time for the stairs, perhaps some application of the self-adhesive vinyl surfaces to the kitchen units, and maybe, if I'm really lucky, managing to find the bloody cable to connect the phone to the lappie so I can post some of the pictures I've taken over the past week, so you can see how it's going.

(or Anne might comment, since she's here this weekend and is seeing it for herself!)
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Well, not really fog, I just wanted to make that pun. Today will be stair-sanding, however, after the Spanish Grand Prix.

We also already made another three charity shop bags of coats and jackets we don't wear, to thin out the hall.

I'll probably fit the new shower bits and bobs today as well, so I can try them out after the sanding.
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Hm, the home-mixed fabric/upholstery shampoo works well, but sadly the spray bottle doesn't, as I can't get a suitably fine mist out of it. However... As it turns out, thickening the mix and spreading it on with a sponge works way better anyhow. It includes a mix of soda crystals for grease-removal, some scent, and some antibacterial stuff too - clean and nice smelling.

Fuck the Rug Doctor, I'm the Rug Master!

Lesley, meanwhile, though impressed and shocked that when I said "I go from not bothered to nuke the site from orbit with no in-between", that I actually do mean the latter. I got a "fucking hel, you don't do things by halves, do you" out of her.

That said, she is perhaps less chuffed to discover than while she expected her Hand Of The Chair to be Ned Stark, she's got Tywin Lannister, who has relieved her of command, and mentioned to her "do not take my commands and statements of fact for requests or suggestions..."

(She also, having been clothes sorting tonight, wanted to have some ice cream as a treat, in the bedroom. And got told that we don't do that here. Well, actually she got told what we *do* eat in bed, but that's for a whole different thread...
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"Structural Upgrade" - replacement for damaged floor panels acquired.

"Clean the Lad and Lady" - new shower outlet acquired (cos, y'know, it was on offer and it's shiny chrome, and looked a bit SF-ish...)

"A Night Off the Tiles" - replacement for bath tiles acquired (lovely pacific blue vinyl with water-bubble design)

"Game of Thrones" - new toilet seat acquired

"Take your Corners" - Chrome wall-mounted corner basket thing for holding bathroom bottles above the bath acquired. (And Lesley's only getting to have as many bottles of stuff as will fit in it!)

"Footloose" - old wrecked shoes and boots got rid of

"Donation" - three bags of clothes taken to a charity shop (The Dogs Trust, if you need to know. It just happened to be closest)

"Chameleon Circuit" - TARDIS blue paint sourced (from decorating shop at the end of our road!)

"Farmhouse Kitchen" - new surfaces for kitchen units acquired: wood effect for doors and drawer fronts, and light grey marble-look for worktop surfaces (this is all self-adhesive vinyl, nicely wipeable)

"Unwelcome mat" - wrecked bristle mat flooring in hall removed and taken to the council tip.

"Taking A Dump" - carpeting and other stuff taken to the tip.

"Chemical Warfare" - Upholstery shampoo mixed and bottled, now to test it...
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Anne is here with the car, so we are taking the ripped-out carpet to the council tip, and then heading to Wickes (home and building supplies) for flooring stuff.
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Got rid of the enormous pile of crap that filled the alcove next to the dryer and spilled across half the floor. Found several lost items of washing in it (including my Monty Python's Holy Gr-Ale t-shirt), various dishes I've now washed to be destined for the charity shops, and the taekwondo focus pads.

Now the vacuum cleaner lives under there, as always intended! Yay!

Oh, aside from the pantone 2955C TARDIS blue, Obviously the *interior* side of the front door will be white, as per the TARDIS. Stair sanding is surprisingly easy so far - the pink spots seem to be old dry emulsion, and I could almost rub it off with a wet finger if I really tried. I doubt I'll get doing the staining tomorrow or Sunday though, as Anne is coming down to help take junk to the tip, and Lesley's off on Sunday and would be sensitive to the smell of the woodstain- so it'll have to be Monday morning (so it has time to dry before Lesley finishes work)

Speaking of paint on fingers, it also occurs to me, with the inbound paint and stuff, that I may soon have to include a spot of "cleaning the lad" rather as well "the cleaning lad", since doubtless there will be spots or paint on fingers, etc...
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I need to stop putting "Day" whatever in the subject lines, don't I? Following the thread is what the bloody tags at the bottom are for...

Anyway, today's house stuff will consist of spending some time getting the old paint spots (from before we lived here) off the now bare-wood stairs, which can't be stained until they're off. Also, trying to re-mount the shower door now that (and I think I forgot to mention) the shower itself is fixed and working properly. Which makes my day a lot easier, as, while Lesley prefers baths to unwind, I prefer showers to wake up - and it's good to wash stuff *off* rather than sit in it, IMO, which is how it's been for a while.

And tomorrow Anne's coming, so there'll be tip trips to dump stuff.

Will also have to find a new toilet seat as the one we have is cracked (and the spare we have doesn't actually fit the fittings at the back, which is why it wasn't changed before). We're fancying one of those translucent ones with goldfish and seashell designs inside.

Meanwhile, Lesley has found rolls of sticky-backed wood-effect covering for kitchen cupboard doors on the internet (I think we're going a bit rustic here), and our friend Grouse has suggested that smooth surfaces should be cleaned with kitchen towel, which picks up dirt and grease a lot better than "proper" cloths and towels do (which actually just move it around and then can't be used for drying hands etc...). And it bloody works, too!

Oh, and yesterday I did manage to take some stuff to the charity shops as well, which I forgot to mention.
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"We" have apparently decided upon colours for the house. By which I mean Lesley has decided. She's also found a bunch of stuff she's been looking for for months when she decided to look *in* the washing basket, rather than using it as a shelf.

I also managed to prise up and get rid of the spiky strips that had previously held the underlay and stair carpet on.

Lesley wants to hire the "Rug Doctor" machine to clean the living room carpet, while I think it'd be a waste of money as I'd rather get fucking rid of it entirely... There may be arm-wrestling about this. Or free-sparring.
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Hm, got a bit of a start when I noticed the pinkish red liquid filling the toilet bowl - before remembering that that's what the cistern block is *supposed* to do, with it being all geranium flowery stuff...

Oh, and was surprised to find on some of the now-bare stair boards, spots of pale pink paint from a previous colour scheme that a prior occupant must have been on before either Lesley or myself came here. So, may have to paint stairs rather than woodstain, unless I can get a really nice mahogany stain.

House day 4

May. 8th, 2013 06:17 pm
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Not so much today, as I was out escorting my mother-in-law to an appointment or two, but I still managed to get replacement cistern blocks that use geraniol (I presume made from geraniums) instead of limonene, which Lesley has an allergic reaction to.

Also done some measuring, and confirmed that the landing floor has sort of chipboard tiles as a base, and found where the hardwood on the top stair ends and switches to that.

Tomorrow is bin day, so let's see how much stain-magnet carpet I've still got, this time tomorrow evening...

House day 3

May. 7th, 2013 06:51 pm
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So, more "before" pictures taken, paint colour charts acquired, some kitchen tidying done, and laundry.

I had also grabbed some cistern blocks and upholstery shampoo, yay. Which Lesley immediately declared to be shit that she's allergic to and made me throw out. So, money wasted and upholstery not cleaned.

It turns out it's the limonene she's sensitive to. And the only upholstery shampoo (and carpet shampoo, but that's less of a problem, as the carpets are swapped) stuff sold in our local supermarket has that shit in it. This is a bit of a problem.

However... I didn't get those A grades in chemistry for nothing. I mean, people cleaned stuff before there was this modern shit, didn't they. It occurs to me that since soda crystals break up stains, and act as a foaming agent (and upholstery shampoo is generally foaming), it should be possible to mix my own, with a non-limonene/citrus fragrance element. White orchid or ylang ylang, maybe. So, that I'll do in the morning.
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Have taken some pics of bits of the house for the "before" bits when I document the changes...

Also, shelves and brackets acquired, for piles of books to be transferred from floor to walls after walls are repainted...

House day 2

May. 6th, 2013 11:02 am
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And yes! Lovely hardwood stairs - which means that fucking hideous beige uncleanable stain-magnet of a stair carpet is going to have an unfortunate accident *very* soon! In fact, pretty much as soon as I can take a "before" picture and get some dark wood-stain...

The cats will be disappointed that they don't have a stair carpet to get their claws into, but since they won't be able to piss on it either, fuck 'em.
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And, of course, Lesley always has said I'm the transporter accident between Bernard and Manny...

House day 1

May. 5th, 2013 10:48 pm
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Well, in the evening I did manage to get rid of a couple of binbags worth of part-empty bubble bath and makeup from the bathroom - well, originally from the bathroom, but which Lesley had brought down and stashed behind my chair in the living room the other day - and the trashed laundry basket and shopping bag they were all in.

I alse figure that I'm going to remove a set of kitchen carpet tiles and replace the lino, and find out if there's hardwood boards under the stair carpet, cos if there are, the carpet's coming off and dark woodstain going on.

Also have decided on new bedroom paint colour... It's helpful that there's a decorating shop at the end of our road! (Even though it's the logical place to put a pub instead.)


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