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I’ve been living in a tent in a Welsh castle, historical fencing at the SCA’s annual Raglan Fair, and then doing a couple of panels/workshops at the Nine Worlds Geekfest….
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Back from Melee In A Manor, where Lesley ran the fencing tournament (and came second) and I was authorised for rapier. I don't fight competition, but I joined in for fun and practice, accepting no points. (I may be the first person to score nil points in a tournament by deliberate stated intent....) I was also last man standing after the feast (i.e. last to bed) and last man still in armour at night. Which is nice...
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What time is it? This doesn't look like November 23rd... Should have grabbed one that worked!

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In Nottingham - didn't make it to the Hellfire Club caves in time, having spent way too long at the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust museum, which covers the work of the Royal Aircraft Establishment there.

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Off to the RAE aircraft science museum, and thence to Nottingham. Ideally taking in Francis Dashwood's naughty Hellfire Club caves on the way...
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So much for the "visit the Army's medical museum for Dr Watson research" plan - it turns out to be the only fucking museum in the country that is shut on saturdays. (it's shut on sundays as well, but that's less rare, but by tomorrow evening I shall be in Nottingham...)
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Off to the army's medical museum today, which should be hand for Dr Watson stuff..
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Farnborough - I suspect tomorrow I'll nip to Aldershot and take in some military museums, especially the army medical museum, for tax deduction purposes (cos, y'know, Dr Watson, even in A Study In Steampunk, was an army doctor).

While we had no net access we did get some more house-mangling done, with new kitchen surfaces, hallway flooring, and chucking out enough crap to actually find the bedroom floor, (and, for that matter, expose the DVD shelves in the living room all the way to the floor, and get rid of the stuff on the one by the window. Which, come to think of it, has the downside of meaning I can't wander around the living room naked in hot weather, because there is no longer a much-higher-that-groin-height wall of boxes and ornaments between me and the window.)


Jul. 4th, 2013 08:49 pm
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Avebury's a kind of creepier place than the cute little rollrights or Stonehenge, but probably because I have subconscious memories of Children Of The Stones. FWIW, mobile-wise, there's great signal at the Rollrights (obviously the Megara's ship does wonders,) and at Stonehenge (Pandorica), but Avebury's totally dead- hopeless Bronze Age IT...

(I seem to be in Farnborough...)
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You get some funny signals wen dodging Ogri and posting from hyperspace. (We also took in Kenilworth Castle on the way down, Robert Dudley's pad that he hoped would get Liz I to the altar)

Onwards to Stonehenge! If the universe explodes tonight, you know I fucked up with the Pandorica...
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But I'm travelling, so dunno about posting much - I'm posting this from Cirencester... Home on Monday...
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Back home, and brought some cleaning/DIY supplies with me - such as the wood-patterned vinyl tiles I mentioned the other day, sugar soap, plastic sheeting to cover furniture to protect against paint splashes, etc...
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Had a nice dinner in The Marine cocktail bar with three hours of live blues-jazz. Made me feel very... Bogart. They actually undercharged us, but it was a sufficiently good night to make me honest and say to the girl "well, I *could* pay you this... or I could pay for the first couple of drinks as well, which are left off the bill."

Bogie would have done that.

Well, Rick Blaine, Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Frank McCloud or Gloves Donahue would, anyway...

Just needed an appropriate femme fatale to walk in in trouble with a well-paying case.

Lesley had an interesting quote from having the shellfish linguini - "I kept moving the pasta and finding new things in shells under there". Yeah, that sounds like... not my kind of dish. Still, I rather she does "iai iai cthulhu fthtagn" in the night than the snoring she *is* doing right now.
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Well fuck me, the wifi actually works here this time! A first for Whitby, for me!
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this is where I've been all afternoon- aboard a ship designed for people of about four foot six, and miraculously avoiding any headbanging.


Currently managing to get online with BT-Fon at [profile] cheyanne7's place, but don't expect any such luck at Whitby (cos in umpteen years of going there, I've never been able to get the wifi to work there.)


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