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Oh, whoop di fucking do. Lesley wants to drag me to some fucking local Lions club barbecue, which I don't want to do cos I've little interest, too much shit to get done before going away, and it's a grand prix.

And now I'm not going to get the grand prix or Game Of Thrones this week, because thanks to some useless Indian cunt on Sky's customer service line giving me shit advice on switching my payment date, I just lost our Sky channels in mid-programme about 10 minutes ago, and it won't let me set up a new direct debit until I pay where I left off, which I can't do until Friday - when I'm going away to spend a week camping on ground that should be nice and muddy from a couple of weeks' worth of solid fucking rain. (This means I'll probably be gone before the service is restored and so will miss the following week's GoT as well)

So overall I'm not in a good mood, not fucking sociable, and of course Lesley's telling me not to ruin her day or her Raglan because everything is so fucked and I'm going to have listen to bunch of twats nattering about shit I'm not interested in a rainy barbecue on a day when I should be doing more practical shit...

So life is fucking great, isn't it?


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