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Yeah, so… Sorry I’ve been away - Spent three days vomiting blood a couple of weeks ago, then on October 27th my liver defected to Da’esh and tried to cut my throat from the inside - in fact it exploded due to damage from heretofore undiagnosed diabetes, and, well, one bleeding to death internally on the endo operation table, two surgeries, multiple blood transfusions, and ten days in hospital later….

“Nobody dies harder than John McClane” the Guyz Nite song says, and I beg to fucking differ.

While I was in hospital, the advance copies of Fortune And Glory, which comes out in January, arrived. I signed one with a message of gratitude to the doctors and the ward staff, and left it in the ward’s day room so that staff and future patients might find it diverting.
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Today I've been mostly writing about El Dorado (the mythical city) and Cibola (also a mythical city).

I should probably also start thinking about the storyline for a novel of which all I can tell you about right now is the mysterious title: The Schizoid Earth...
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A suitable background movie for the evening, while I'm pushing to finish Fortune And Glory over the weekend...

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Working Wednesday- I always loved the music from King Solomon's Mines, even though the movie is rubbish (albeit something of a guilty pleasure) - it's a great fun Jerry Goldsmith score.

And since I'm writing about the search for this legendary location today, it's an appropriate musical medley....

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The marketing chimps have decided that the book I'm finishing off for Osprey right now will be called...

"Fortune And Glory," kid, "Fortune And Glory."

(and not X Marks The Spot)


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