lonemagpie: McGoohan as Number 6 (6)
lonemagpie ([personal profile] lonemagpie) wrote2015-05-12 03:24 pm

Recreational reading reboot

The last novel I did read, a few months ago, was the first Murdoch Mysteries book by Maureen Jennings. It wasn't bad - surprisingly gritty, and I liked the historical detail. A bit weird compared to the series, but if I can take both the book and movie Bonds, then I can take both the book and TV Murdochs...

I also read a Birds Of Prey collection, which wasn't bad - I forget the volume title, but Gail Simone wrote it and it was fun.

Then last week I zipped through Al Murray's Let's Re-Great Britain, which was funny, but doesn't really count, as it was more a "dip in while on the bog" sort of thing.

Not sure what to start next.

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