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EIGHT MILLION WAYS TO DIE by LAWRENCE BLOCK: One of the Matt Scudder books, and in this case the one which goes properly full-length (the previous four or so were much shorter) and sets the lead character on a path of actual development. Not bad at all- the plot holds together, the clues are there for the reader to work out what actually happened and why, and as always there's an air of reality to NYC in it for thoseof us who have never been there. Downsides were a few too many repetitive stops at AA meetings, and the fact that the actual killer (even when we've worked out what's going on) is a new character who only appears for the two or three paragraphs of his revelation, and this is a bad trait for a whodunnit to have. Still, very good otherwise.
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Finished A Walk Among The Tombstones by Lawrence Block. I love his Matt Scudder series (I have a thing for this type of detective stuff generally), but haven't read them in order. I see they made a movie of this one (which I haven't seen yet) with Liam Neeson in the role, and I can totally hear Neeson's voice narrating and speaking, so that's probably good casting. It was good, though with a somewhat abrupt ending that somehow didn't quite feel as climactic as it probably should have. So, loved it, of course, but I still think A Dance At The Slaughterhouse is my favourite of the ones I've read.


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