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Read Elmore Leonard's Pagan Babies - about a guy returning from Africa who gets mixed up in a girl's revenge scam against her mob ex - which is a more recent one of his, and not bad, but it kind of petered out in a way I don't really expect from him. It was OK, though.

Not sure what's next - I did start the first few pages of a Buffy book, Night Of The Living Rerun, but it's so not doing it for me. I'll have to pick something else. Apart from the annual zip through A Christmas Carol, obviously.
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Was going to watch Get Shorty, and posted the trailer and everything, but then the cunting disk locked up halfway through, and is fucked - I'll have to get another one.

This pisses me off cos I love that movie.

So now it's too fucking late to put on much of a long movie, so I'm watching Horns Of Nimon, and first time in my life not fucking enjoying it, cos it's not the fucking thing I wanted to be watching tonight.

And now Lesley's all "i'm tired so we have to go to bed after this one episode" so I won't even get to see all of fucking Nimon. Some Saturday night...


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