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*Finally* finished Pandora's Star by Peter F Hamilton.... was great, but could definitely have lost a few hundred pages without losing any quality or style points. (The alien origins would actually make a great background for Maurice Hurley's original version of the Borg)

And it's only the first half, ending on a cliffhanger to a second doorstop (Judas Unchained)...

Though I'm desperately keen to find out how things play out in that, I'm even more desperate (having been reading this fucker since about April) for a change of pace - and, to be fair, it was brand new I'd have a year or so to wait for the conclusion's release anyway, so I'm definitely willing to spare a couple of months to read something else entirely different... But, yeah, was great to read some proper SF again after a few years.
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#2- DESPICABLE ME MINIONS ANNUAL 2017. Yeah, another Xmas novelty I got. I do love Minions, and this is an all-Minion volume. There are assorted little puzzles and stuff which should be fun for the kiddies, some nice cartoons, an a brief novelisation (of sorts) of The Minions movie. The main feature is some 3D Minions card kits, which are pretty good, though they do come out more squared and angular than the rounded Minions we know...

#3 HORRIBLE HISTORIES' FESTIVE FEASTS by Terry Deary. Less of a novelty, but just to round off the Xmas-themed reading... Well, basically it's a Horrible Histories book- we all know what that means: nice easily-digestible chunks of interesting and amusing historical tidbits, largely addressed to 8-12 year-olds, but pretty much appealing to all ages. This one isn't specifically about foods or feasts at Christmas, but covers lots of seasonal facts and customs, in the typical HH style. Not really anything I didn't already know, but then again, I've done a fair bit of research on the subject for another book, so there's bound to be quite a bit that's new to most people. And since it's so readable, it makes an ideal dip-into sort of thing (e.g. what we here call a bog-book, cos it's handy for something to look at while sat on one) more than a page-turning novel sort of thing. But fun.


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