Nov. 9th, 2015

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While in hospital I read Brian Blessed's Absolute Pandemonium, which is was good fun and frequently fascinating, and Clive Cussler and Grant Blackwood's The Kingdom, which was also good escapist fun (and continues with the theme that Cussler's cowriters know better than to switch viewpoints within a scene the way he himself does when writing on his own).
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While wandering the charity shops on Saturday, I noticed they all have the full Xmas stuff up, and the town's Xmas lights are up. Normally this bugs the shit out of me, especially when it's before Children In Need, Bonfire Night, and Halloween - but then I realised I'd already missed Halloween and Bonfire Night in the hospital, and Children in Need is this week... So, what the fuck.

I do like the idea of the Xmas stuff being a ceremonial to they year. I'd reached my "this year is fucked and the sooner it's gone and we get a new one the better" limit in about August, and it's just got worse since then, so... yeah, I'm totally done with 2015.

Last night Lesley was saying "but what about the good memories of it?"" Well, no... What have I got good-memory-wise? I was happy after Redemption, with a happy reunion, but that didn't last, so it's tied to gloom. I loved the three-kill combo with the katana in the fencing Castle Battle at Raglan this year, but that's then tied to hospitalisation with anaphylactic shock... Which really just leaves me with the hotel visit to check out the Royal Victoria in Sheffield (Redemption's new home), where the food was amazing and, well, Tyrone Cartwright and everyone was good company... and that was just one night out, really, out of the whole fucking year.

And I have another surgery or two to go as an outpatient in the coming weeks, urgh.

So, yeah, somebody take 2015 out and shoot it in the back of the head. Then dismember it and and burn the pieces.
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So, if I was to dabble in novelising something just for the practice and experience, cos I've never done one, as part of what's left of NaNoWriMo... What sort of thing should I do? Something in public domain, like one of the last four Rathbone Holmes movies? Something popular and more modern, like one of the non-Fleming Bond movies? Either way, it should definitely be something never had a novelisation - no point my doing one if there already is one.

Of course, if you're in the business and know of a paid novelising gig for something, please feel free to give me a go at that!


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