Oct. 2nd, 2014

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John Vornholt's Buffy novel Coyote Moon was a quickie. I normally like his Trek books, but this was kind of skippy and off-balance, though he gets the dialogue dynamic OK. I think my dissatisfaction with it is because it's such an early one (only the second Buffy book) that neither author, editor, nor publishers seem quite sure what will fly yet - and this is exacerbated by reading it so long after the series developed and ended.

It's also odd that in the omnibus editions (I read it in Volume 1) they have this and the third book, then a longer one from about a decade later, while the very first book, Halloween Rain, is held over to Volume 2... (and the cover design is clearly aiming for the post-Twilight market)
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I should have posted this across yesterday.

So I wanted to have a 31 days meme for October, with a suitable theme. None of the ones I found were quite right (I’ve never seen an episode of Supernatural, OK?) so I made one of my own - based on this one: http://capriamoon.tumblr.com/post/1225356183/31-days-of-halloween-meme - but with a lot of changes.

So, the days will be:

Day 1- Favourite Classic horror movie
Day 2 - Favourite real spooky place
Day 3 - Favourite spooky or horror-themed song
Day 4 - Favourite TV villain
Day 5 - Favourite supernatural/mythological being or creature
Day 6 - Favourite literary ghost story
Day 7 - Favourite fictional serial killer
Day 8 - Favourite re-make of a horror movie
Day 9 - A personal spooky, Fortean, or supernatural experience
Day 10 – Scariest *non-horror* book/movie/episode/scene
Day 11 - Favourite horror-themed TV show
Day 12 – A TV episode that creeped you out
Day 13 - Favourite vampire movie
Day 14 – A question you’ve always wanted to ask about a horror trope.
Day 15 - Your biggest fear
Day 16 - Favourite movie villain
Day 17 - Scariest fictional character
Day 18 – A videogame moment that creeped you out.
Day 19 - A Halloween tradition you have
Day 20 - Favourite modern horror movie
Day 21 - Favourite death scene in a movie
Day 22 - A scary picture
Day 23 - Favourite literary non-ghost horror story
Day 24 - Favourite horror movie based on actually historically verifiable real events
Day 25 - A book that creeped you out
Day 26 - Favourite *bad* as in cheesy, crappy, guilty-pleasure, horror movie
Day 27 – Where do you expect to end up when you die- Heaven, Hell, wormfood, or something else?
Day 28 - Favourite horror-themed or spooky game
Day 29 - Favourite zombie movie
Day 30 – A Halloween foodstuff/cocktail/recipe
Day 31 – Are you guising/cosplaying/dressing-up, and if so, as who/what?
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31 Days of Halloween #1


Day 1- Favourite Classic horror movie: A tough choice, as there have been so many good ones over the years, from silent times onwards. Should I go for Caligari or Nosferatu? A classic Universal or Hammer movie?

Well, in the end… I’ll say my favourite Universal classic horror is Bride Of Frankenstein, and favourite Hammer would be Brides Of Dracula, but as for a single favourite Classic, it’s down to a near-tie between Val Lewton’s 1957 Night Of The Demon (based on MR James’s Casting The Runes, with Niall MacGinnis as a very Crowley-like Karswell), and Robert Wise’s 1963 original of The Haunting (based on Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting Of Hill House.)

For me, I think The Haunting edges it, so that’s my favourite. I’ll post the trailers to both later, in case anyone wants to check them out.

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Day 2 - Favourite real spooky place: I’ve been to a lot of spooky places, some scarier and creepier than others (Avebury creeps me the fuck out), but for favourite I’m going to go with the Queen Mary. Lovely museum, lovely preserved ship, spooky as fuck below decks even before you learn where and what the hauntings aboard are.

Of course, it helps that when I visited, a) we wandered through bits not normally open to the public (“act as if you own the place, it always works,”) and b) they were filming the X Files episode Triangle on site at the time. (Gillian Anderson is *tiny.*)


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